Everyone hates the first day of classes. We sit and not-so-patiently listen as our professors talk for over an hour about the syllabus.

"Don't procrastinate on this, it's not something you can do in one night." Challenge accepted.

"ONLY reach out to me via Canvas, I refuse to accept any emails." You're rude and Canvas sucks.

"I absolutely DO NOT accept late work." Okay let me turn this in 5 days late and earn full credit.

Once our brains have been stuffed with as much policy and procedure as possible, then we are forced to participate in some form of icebreaker/introduction activity, which we all hate.

No one cares what we are majoring in, what other classes we are taking, where we are from, or what we want to do after we graduate.

We are more than capable of making friends in our own time and in our own ways.

Yet, in spite of all this nonsense and anxiety, I absolutely LOVE the first day of classes.

I make sure that I dress nice, my hair is usually curled, and I dig my full coverage foundation and lipstick out of the bottom of my makeup bag. I go out of my way to make sure that I come off as excited and bubbly, I make an attempt to be nice to everyone, and I give alittle more encouragement than is necessary to my friends.

People make comments about it and make fun of me for it all the time.

"Don't you think you're alittle overdressed? It's just class, not a hot date."

"I need you dial your enthusiasm back by at least 10. It's only 8 am!"

But I honestly just let their negativity go in one ear and out the other.


Because the first day of classes is not just the first day of classes. It represents a new beginning, a chance to change yourself and be different than who you were last quarter.

It's the perfect time for you to start over, do something new, and learn from the mistakes you made last quarter.

It's a fresh start with new professors, mostly new classmates, and entirely new habits that you can create for yourself.

They say that life is all about first impressions, and the first day of classes sets the standard for how everyone sees you for the rest of the quarter.

You can show your professor exactly the type of student you are, and it's a great way to win them over to your side quickly.

You can let your classmates know exactly who you are, what you're interested in, and what you're doing there.

That's why I am always be "that girl" on the first day of classes.

That's why I am proud to be "that girl" on the first day of classes.

I am making sure that I start off on the right foot, that my quarter has a fantastic start that will carry me through all of the long nights of assignments, papers, and homework.

I am setting the stage for the rest of my quarter with my classmates and my professors.

"First impressions never have a second chance."