No, those aren't the correct lyrics to Taylor Swift's "22" but that is because I turned 21 last week. I have come up with a creative list of 21 things that people should do when they turn 21.

21 is a big deal. It's the birthday after 18 that really means something and after 21, there is really only 25, 30, and then the big 40 and 50. So I know people usually want to get out and do one thing 21 times on their birthday. 

My sorority sister once told me that she did 21 miles running on her 21st birthday (I was jokingly going to try it but I can barely run one mile). She did 16 on a treadmill and five around Ithaca. If you really think about it, it's pretty cool and very healthy compared to other things she could have done.

I have also heard people doing 21 good deeds which is also great but really should be done regularly. 

Here is a list of 21 dares to do on your 21st birthday:

1) Take a huge bite out of your birthday cake — I personally would just love to see how big of a slice of birthday cake someone could eat in one bite. 

2) Ask a stranger (or a roomful of strangers) to sing Happy Birthday to you. 

3) Sing karaoke to your favorite song - What is your favorite karaoke song? Do you know all the lyrics to it or do you have to stare at the screen the entire time? Have you ever seen some of your guy friends karaoke? Because guys singing is hysterical.

4) Get a piggyback ride into a bar.

5) Leave a 21-cent tip - Don't really — leave 21 cents on top of however many dollars you leave.

6) Start a Conga line.

7) Start a U-S-A chant.

8) Drunk dial the 21st person in your contact list - I have no idea who my twenty-first contact is in my contact list so I would love to have seen who it is.

9) Speak only in a British accent. Some people can do this really well, but try it. If you sound bad, no one will care because it's your birthday.

10) Get 21 phone numbers - Maybe you don't have a bunch of your friends' numbers because you just updated to the new iOS and your phone list went missing. Only add people you actually know.

11) Dance on a table. 

12) Take prom-style posed pictures with a man of your friends' choice.

13) Dance as if you were at the Jersey Shore.

14) Dance "Gangnam Style."

15) Recite the alphabet backwards - I can't do this is in real life, so I don't know how I would do this on the spot on my birthday.

16) Kiss a stranger (on the cheek if you must!) 

17) Take 21 photos with strangers - On your birthday, you're usually camera ready anyway, so remember to take pictures the whole night so you can look back on your birthday with found memories.

18) Collect 21 dollars from 21 strangers.

19) Watch the sunrise - I don't know where in Ithaca you could do this.

20) Take a picture with a cop. 

21) Get a stranger to buy you a drink.

Now I wasn't able to do any of these because my birthday was during sorority rush, but I wonder how many a person could actually get done on their birthday. Hope everyone who turns 21 this year has an amazing birthday!!! What fun things did you do on your 21st? What fun things do you want to do on your 21st? What fun dares could you add to the list? Comment below!