Christine Ford Is Brave And I Believe Her Story

Christine Ford Is Brave And I Believe Her Story

She has proof and yet is still criticized.

The Kavanaugh hearing has been nothing short of messy. It has taken all forms of media by storm as each scandal is slowly revealed. However, the most recent headline regarding Kavanaugh is the most grave of them all. A woman has stepped forward accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her.

Many were quick to call her a liar despite not even knowing her name.

She stepped out of the safety of anonymity to tell her story.

Still, people called her a liar.

Many said she was most likely a bitter woman attempting to take away his opportunity to become a Supreme Court justice. Others said she was paid to say these things.

But what they don't see is the proof, or they at least choose to ignore it.

They don't take into account that she mentioned this assault in 2012 in a therapy session before Kavanaugh had any shot of reigning on the Supreme Court. Ford also provided results to a polygraph test taken confirming the truth in her recalling of the assault.

However, with Kavanaugh's denial and the fact that Ford just now chose to step forward leaves the nation divided.

But I believe Christine Ford.

We all should.

She has proof that her mentioning this assault happened six years ago before Kavanaugh was in contention for this position. Ford isn't just making this up to undermine him. But that leaves the question all Kavanaugh-lovers are asking: If it's the truth, why step up now?

Maybe it's because she doesn't want a sexual predator making pivotal decisions in our nation.

Supreme Court justices remain in the court for decades. His vote can impact her children and grandchildren. His vote can impact women. By revealing her name on a national platform, she knows she will be criticized. She knows Republicans will run a smear campaign against her. By knowing all of this, and yet still choosing to reveal her identity and her story, Christine Ford is brave.

I believe her.
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