The American government shut down recently due to the lack of operation cost. Donald Trump said that he would rather pay for building the wall on the border between America and Mexico than shut down government directly. Although he has been controversial in his two years of presidency, I would like to say that his presidency is not bad and at least better than previous several presidents.

He wants to build the wall to defeat threats against national security, refusing the refugees from middle America and South America. This makes sense. Democrats and some opponents will say this is dehumanizing. Actually, no one will guarantee how the U.S. will grow to be unstable if the influx of the refugees, including the criminals, threatens the safety of the residents in the U.S. Every country should have strict regulations on immigration. The refugee crisis in Europe indicates that the disturbance of citizens can be very serious.

Since he became president, he contributed a lot to the field of economics. His tax reduction plan is probably the most welcome policy. He downgraded the income tax and the corporate income tax. Additionally, his attitudes towards China in the trade war gained much support in the country. He tried to bring the manufacturing industry back to the U.S. and created more job opportunities. The pressure on China aims to revert the trade deficit.

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In the political field, he exited from many previously signed contracts. For instance, the Paris Agreement on climate change as well as TPP, a world related trade contract. This action is pretty controversial but he insisted that American benefits are the utmost in his presidential life. "America first" is at the core. But he ignored the interests of other countries. Donald Trump is a businessman so his policies incline to be more pragmatic and practical rather than political. But the adverse effect to the world can not be ignored.

The meeting with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean president, is world-renowned. In the Obama presidency and previous presidencies, the tension with North Korea was consistent. But in the Trump era, the bilateral relationship is cosmetic. They laughed at each other before, such that Trump said his nuclear button is larger than Kim's. The tension has been relieved since 2018.

A strong leader sometimes needs certain autocracy to maintain power. I actually admire Trump's courage and determination needed to judge.