Get Hyped For "Star Wars"
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Get Hyped For "Star Wars"

The force is in you.

Get Hyped For "Star Wars"

Guys, the seventh "Star Wars" movie comes out on December 18. The seventh. Get pumped! Get hyped! There's so much to look forward to in the upcoming film. There are many new characters, and most intriguingly, some really crazy rumors and ideas swirling around the movie. The old is going to meet the new in the latest clash between the Dark Side and the Light Side of the force, making this one of the most hyped up movies of all-time. Considering that it has been about a decade since the last "Star Wars" release, everyone should be more than excited for "The Force Awakens."

One cool aspect of the new film is the new generation that is going to become involved in the series. People that grew up on "Star Wars" are now going to get their kids involved. Kids are going to be seeing the new movie with their parents, who saw the older movies with their parents. The combination of generations is going to make the "Star Wars" franchise's revenues soar and will make people of all ages interested.

One of the insane and honestly pretty cool theories that is out there is that Jar Jar Binks, yes that Jar Jar Binks, is a Sith lord. WHAT!? Yup, pretty crazy I know. There are some videos that have been surfacing around the Internet that go in depth with the whole theory, but I'll just give you the basic scoop. The whole idea is that Jar Jar was supposed to have a larger role, but George Lucas removed him from the films due to the fans' hatred of the character. While Jar Jar was present, he was using everyone around him and playing them for his own personal, Dark Side motivated gains. There are ideas that he is a Jedi, but acts clumsily on purpose to stay undercover and unnoticed. Many believe that he used the senate for his own personal gain, and he used Jedi mind powers to sway people's decision making. In The Force Awakens, we do not know the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke, so who knows? it could be Jar Jar. It is all an extremely far fetched idea, but I know that I'm rooting for it to happen.

Another rumor is that Luke Skywalker has gone over to the Dark Side, and is the new character Kylo Ren. This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Now, we all know that Luke's father was Darth Vader (spoiler alert), and Kylo Ren looks a lot like Darth. In all of the previews for the movie so far, Luke and Kylo have not been seen in the same scene. Another thing that makes me wonder is the line said by Kylo Ren (in his disguised voice) in the previews that is "Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started." If there was any previous character who would say something like this, I think it would be Luke. Now obviously the "Star Wars" creators are being careful not to give anything away, but I can't help but to agree with this theory and hope that it is true.

Kylo looks pretty badass, I mean look at that lightsaber:

Also, new characters Rey, played by the beautiful Daisy Ridley, and Finn, played by John Boyega, both provide some added mystery. There are rumors that Rey is the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. 'Rey' is Spanish for 'queen' and director JJ Abrams has said that there is a good reason that we do not yet know her last name. Rey is seen as being dressed in a similar fashion to Leia and even kind of looks like her, so it is definitely possible. The same theory involving the name idea goes for Finn.

If you've been looking for an excuse to binge watch all of the "Star Wars" movies, you now have one. "The Force Awakens" will be the biggest movie of the season and you will not want to miss it. What better way to look forward to the opening than by watching every single "Star Wars" to date? I know I'll be watching, will you?

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