Reasons Why The Perfect Workout Outfit Is A Must

We all know that in order to get the most out of a workout you must start with a positive mentality and a great get-up. To help explain just what this entails, the minions from "Despicable Me" are here!

A great outfit will have your friends stunned by your ability to color coordinate just about anything.

Your outfit's color should always fit your personality. Hopefully this means a bright and cheery one. Bright colors will encourage you to work harder, be more energized, and get that butt in shape!

It is the perfect excuse to spend that excess birthday cash on a nice new exercise shirt that you wouldn't have spent your own money on, and for a healthy reason, too.

A good fitted top and bottom will make a smoother and more productive workout.

Even if your not into the new bright-colored gear, neon is totally in and just about everyone can pull it off. The gym is the perfect place to try out a new style!

COMFORT! You want to feel comfortable regardless of what you wear. If you love it, rock it.

With the newest workout styles, it's sure to energize your spirit and get you pumped up for the next hour or so.

Relive those athletic glory days. Put on what you used to practice in to get in the workout mind set. (No boys, we are most likely not wearing spandex to impress you. We either played volleyball or our coach encouraged the outfit for training purposes so by now its habit.)

Lastly, CONFIDENCE. A great outfit will boost your confidence and leave you feeling positive about how you look and all the amazing benefits you just provided your body. With confidence, the possibilities are endless.

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