I Am The Biggest Failure I Know, But I Keep Going
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I Am The Biggest Failure I Know, But I Keep Going

I stay taking L's, and I'm cool with it.

I Am The Biggest Failure I Know, But I Keep Going
Allison Faith

Honestly, I am kind of a huge failure.

In high-school, I failed classes, I never got to be on the honor roll, no prom queen, no homecoming court, no superlatives, I wouldn't even say I was consistently "cool" all of high-school either.

I went through times when I did not have friends and I sat in a high school bathroom stall by myself to eat lunch.

Romantic relationships? I am still single, going on 18 years strong.

In sports, I got cut from the cheer team and the basketball team.

For my writing I got told by one of my teachers in high school, to "not take an AP English class" and also that "writing was just not my thing," but here I am, still writing.

So, this is me baring my soul to you, readers.

I am not smart, I am not athletic, I am not good at romance, and I am apparently not good at what I am doing right now.

Why am I high-key humiliating myself on the internet?

Because you are just like me.

I know you have failed , you have been humiliated, and maybe your story is not my story.

And...I know it is cliche to humanize our failures but maybe you need the gentle reminder, that the world, without your failures, would suck. If we all were good at what we set out to do we would all be the same and who wants that, right?

Different failures come with the joys of finding what we are meant to succeed at. We are not all crafted the same, we are not all made to succeed at the same things.

If no one has thanked you already, I thank you for failing and you should thank yourself for failing. This is how you find out what your gifts are.

And maybe this is not your time to succeed at the one thing you keep failing at, but keep going. Keep loving your failures instead of being ashamed of them.

Do you keep failing at dating? Keep going.

Do you keep failing at sports? Keep practicing.

And shout out to my high school English teacher, I am still going at this writing thing.

Do you want to know why? Because we are all amateurs before we become masters. Your failures are your stepping-stones to get you where you need to be. Our failures are the inescapable rite of passage of living.

Just because you sit alone at lunch does not make you any less worthy of a friend or just because you don't have a boyfriend does not make you any less worthy of a relationship.

We are all worthy. You are worthy.

Keep failing, keep knowing your worth, keep being an amateur.

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