How A Professor's Attitude Impacts Students
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Student Life

How A Professor's Attitude Impacts Students

And two professors who stand out to me.

How A Professor's Attitude Impacts Students

As a junior at Coker College, I consider myself to be a veteran of the system here. Luckily, most of the professors I have encountered have been helpful, upbeat people who actually enjoy what they do and will do whatever they can to help their students succeed. I often say that coming to Coker College was the best decision I've made and one of the reasons is because of the relationships that I have been able to build with my professors here.

One person who really comes to my mind when I think about the impact that a professor's attitude can have on his or her students is my communications professor and advisor, Dr. Peter Gloviczki. I switched my major to communications in the Fall of my sophomore year and Dr. Gloviczki has been really supportive of me and my journey here at Coker, even when I was considering adding psychology as a second major or possibly switching again. He meets with me when he notices that I may be struggling in a class or if I seem to be really down and might just need to talk. He does this because he cares. He pays attention. To me, as a student, that means everything and I cannot thank him enough for just making it known that he is there supporting me as I'm writing my Coker story and in my future endeavors.

Another professor who stands out to me is my sociology professor, Professor Danny Malone. I am currently taking his class on marriage and family. Though it is the first class that I have had with him, it has definitely been memorable. The genuine, positive personality that he brings to the classroom creates a relaxed environment where the course material is easy to learn. He engages his students in interesting discussions that seem to dominate our class, encouraging us to share our own views while continuing to be open to the opinions and beliefs of others.

Since I have the privilege of attending Coker College, I have many more professors that I could call out by name for being amazing people and really caring for their students. Coker really is a family and professors such as the two I mentioned can be found in all departments here at the college. Professors at Coker want their students to be successful and that starts with having a positive attitude and being able to build that relationship with their students, which is made easier by Coker's round-table learning and small class sizes. The relationships I have built with my professors and the support that I receive from them really makes me feel that I truly can be successful, and that means more than I could ever say.

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