In the world of writing, there is one form of fiction that is often overlooked, which is Fanfiction. Fanfiction can be described as writing fan-made works for pre-existing works, such as for shows or books, or even video games. In these stories, many things change, such as creating an Alternate universe or shipping two or more characters together romantically or even platonically. Many writers start out writing fan-fiction before they create original works because it is easier to write with someone else’s character than have to start off on your own. In light in myself spending the past few days writing one, here are the Seven steps to writing your own fanfiction.

1. Pick a fandom.

The first step in writing your story is finding out which Fandom bests suits you. Normally whatever you're int at the time, is a good start. "Supernatural" and "Doctor Who" are popular shows, movies such as "The Maze Runner" and "Pacific Rim" have also been very popular. Even video games, such a Bioshock or Five Nights at Freddy's are also very good topics, although books are very places to start.

2. Pick the characters.

Alright, now that you have found a fandom, you need to pick who you're going to be writing about. I'm the person who falls in love with secondary characters form the start, so that is where I would personally start. Once you figure out who you're going to be using as your main character, or characters, you can then move on to step three.

3. It's all about the plot.

The plot of your story is going to be pretty important as well. Are you going to follow canon? Are you making it an AU (Alternate Universe)? Is this going to be a One-Shot or a Multichapter fic? Once you figure this out, then the plot will fall into place, whether you're going to be doing Romance or even a Mystery. The world of Fanfiction is your oyster and you are the pearl of writing.

4. The hard part: writing

The worst part about writing a Fanfiction is actually writing it. You now have all of these ideas in your head, the plot, the characters, the entire story is unfolding in your mind. But here you are, reading my article in hopes of getting some kind of help. Don't fear, I am here to help. The best way to write is to set the mood music, music that fits the mood of your story. Even get comfy at your desk or in bed and just let your fingers wander.

5. Edit, edit, edit.

Now that your mind has wandered all the way down to your fingertips, you have something on screen. With this on screen, you can now work on editing your story. This part includes rewriting sentences or revising paragraphs, anything you can do to make it seem better.

6. Find your medium.

Where do you want to publish this? On the Internet, I'm sure. The Internet has lots of good places to put original or fan-made works. A few of my favorite places include Wattpad, Archive or our Own, and Tumblr. Many people share lots of fan-made content on these sites, making it easy for people to find and read the work you have just spent all day or even week, writing.

7. Take a much-needed break.

Now you have finished writing your fanfiction and you're at the loss of what to do right? Take a break. Take a Nap. Eat a bowl of Cereal. Your story is published and live on the Internet for anyone to read so now you just wait for all the praise that you deserve. Or write another story. Both are good.