Choosing your favorite couch and sitting in front of the TV to watch movies was a pretty good way to pass the time. It was! Not nowadays, when people are looking around the internet to find the entertainment stuff, such as movies which is one of the highest searched term on the internet.

When it comes to streaming movies online then you have the vast majority of content. Especially if you are more into quality than quantity then you can choose from platforms like Netflix, Hulu and much more which will give you unblocked movies to stream, however, if you are not specific about the movie's content then you have option to browse the Internet for more resources.

On the other side streaming movies online abnormally will make you sick. There is a big difference between watching movies offline and online, If you are streaming movies online then you have that big database of movies from which you can mine the specific one and so on. However, the offline movie watchers seem more satisfied after watching movies than online movie watchers. Online movies watchers always seem more curious to watch more movies and that is the time when loop begins. Watching one movie after another and keep this loop going will cause these major issues to your health:


Your body's ability to respond to insulin can be affected just in one day of abnormal sitting, which leads your pancreas to produce increased amounts of insulin to your body, and this may lead to diabetes.

Eyes Pain

Staring at your laptop or PC screen continuously for a long period of time will make your eyes pain, which will further lead to Headache. If you are unable or can't quit this habit then it will generate more serious diseases to your eyes such as eye redness, low vision and much more.


Sitting right after eating or even sitting along your food will not going digest well, and it will cause your abdominal contents to compress, and slowing down digestion. This Sluggish digestion will further lead to more stomach problems.

Body Pain

Although watching movies and having fun seems very legit but only if its limited to a short period of time. But when the time duration increases then it makes your body pain because sitting in one place without making your body parts stretch will generate and store acid in your bones which later will be bad for your body and it will make your body joints pain.

Moreover, there are many other bad effects on your health of watching the abnormal amount of movies online, which clearly means that you are sitting in one place the most time or even the whole time. But later you will find out diseases especially related to your body parts that you use to move your body on daily bases, such as Posture Problems which includes Strained Neck and Shoulders, Back problems, Muscle Degeneration, Leg Disorders which includes Varicose Veins, Weak Bones and so on.

No one is saying to stop doing it right away if you are addicted to it, but doing this on a particular and suitable time, so that you can keep your body moving to make your health way better than before is way better. Also daily exercising is another best way to decrease many disease from your body.