How To Use FOMO As Motivation When You Are An Introvert
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How To Use FOMO As Motivation When You Are An Introvert

Fear of missing out doesn't have to make you envious of others.

How To Use FOMO As Motivation When You Are An Introvert

Social media and the rise of technology plays a big part in the real feeling of FOMO (the fear of missing out.) I know I feel FOMO more often than I'd like because I check my social media a bit too much. It makes me feel lame because I'm staying inside for another night, while everyone else is out and enjoying life. I mean, how can I not feel that way when all those pictures and all those posts on Instagram and Facebook make it so that if you're enjoying a nice night in, you feel bummed out that you missed out on something fun.

I feel like worrying too much about what other people are doing every time you log into social media is not a good use of time and makes you worry you are wasting your life away. Instead of feeling that way, you should use FOMO as a way to shake things up and step out of your comfort zone.

Instead of feeling down in the dumps about missing out on the latest hangout or festivity, why not make your own experiences? Why not use that feeling of wanting to be out and about with your friends, and actually go out and do something for a change, allowing the fear of missing out leave your mind?

Step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be able to see that you are the thing that keeps holding yourself back. Go to that Zumba class you've been eyeing for weeks now. Join that club that you wanted to join, even though you feel like staying in and watching Bob’s Burgers for the millionth time.

When you see people doing something you want to do, or want to be a part of, maybe that is a sign that you should join in and test the waters.

Sometimes it's difficult being someone who tends to become more energetic when they spend time in their minds, recharging their 'batteries,' so to speak. I know that for me, sometimes even the thought of going out with a group can start draining my replenished energy. I can just imagine the small talk I'll have to endure, the conversations that I'll need to continue, and it makes me want to stay in for the night.

However, being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean being confined to the indoors, all alone. Maybe instead of jumping in, invite friends to hang out with you, in your own space.

Start pushing your limits a bit. That's how new memories and experiences come about. Who knows? You might even make a new friend or have experiences that you can remember in the future.

There shouldn't be pressure to always go out, but if you keep eyeing Instagram with jealousy, maybe it's time to expand your horizons and change your routine.

Instead of letting FOMO be an unhealthy presence in your life, take back the control and allow it to change your perspective.

Make friendships that can last for years and memories that can last a lifetime, but never forget that accepting who you are is better than trying to be someone who you are not. Accept your inner turtle, and other people's experiences shouldn't make you feel alienated. Surround yourself with people who get you and FOMO can totally be a thought of the past.

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