How to Text Emotion
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How to Text Emotion

Bitmojis and Emojis, for when you don't know how to annunciate a text.

How to Text Emotion

Bitmojis are the latest fad in texting. I get it, the whole thing is fun in my opinion. You get to personalize a character which then gets placed around certain texts with funny characters. Emojis keep being updated and can make texting a lot more artsy. Personally, I think Bitmojis and Emojis can be extremely useful. Texting is very black and white. Tone of voice is not involved and just putting a text in all capital letters may be inferred to be saying something louder, but is that yelling, is it excitement, or is it anger? It can be very hard to tell. In situations like this a quirky Bitmoji or Emoji face can make a situation a lot clearer.

This Bitmoji makes it clear that the person is not only waiting, but is a tad bit annoyed as well. Most people aren’t going to send a text saying “I’m waiting and I’m annoyed”.

Instead of just receiving a text that simply says “k, thx”, this Bitmoji allows a person to see the annoyed emotion behind what might be a not so sincere thank you. The text “k, thx” could also be just a very quick way of sending a sincere text message, but this Bitmoji gets true intentions across.

Emojis allow people to express different levels of emotion. You can send a frowny face, a distraught face, crying face all to express some level of sadness.

The same situation works with almost any other emotion!

Bitmojis and Emojis can be used to celebrate holidays too. As you can see by the photos above that Bitmojis can portray one’s feelings for a holiday, whereas an Emoji can only express the holiday.

Bitmojis and Emojis are both new ways of communication that still aren’t perfected. Both systems have helped texting become a little bit clearer. They also make texting fun and creative. Do I think texting will ever be an accurate way of communicating emotion? No, I don’t, but it is still fast and efficient and is most definitely not going away anytime soon. Phone calls where we can hear tone of voice and inflection are sadly a thing of the past. If you don’t have a Bitmoji, try it out! There are hundreds of different messages you can send, all with a creative flair. And maybe the next time you are having a text message conversation with someone try using Bitmojis or Emojis to make your message a little clearer.

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