15 Ways To Tell You Grew Up With A Mom Who Was Also A Teacher
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15 Ways To Tell You Grew Up With A Mom Who Was Also A Teacher

Your old toys and books would disappear one day and re-appear on the shelves of your mom's classroom.

15 Ways To Tell You Grew Up With A Mom Who Was Also A Teacher

1. You spent many hours at school during the summer to help your mom prepare the classroom.

From scrubbing down toys with soap and hot water to helping to organize the supply closet, you did it all. You spent hours of your summer in a classroom, helping your mom or finding ways to entertain yourself while she made lesson plans.

2. You got to see off-limit places, like the teacher's lounge and the supplies closet.

The teacher's lounge was never as impressive as you originally thought it was. As much as other students had built it up to be, it was really just a room with a table, chairs, fridge, and microwave. Oh, and don't forget all the coffee.

3. You always knew who's class you'd be in before any of your friends.

It wasn't much of a surprise on who your teacher would be for that upcoming year. Your mom always knew first, and you would beg her to tell you.

4. Your old toys and books would disappear one day and re-appear on the shelves of your mom's classroom.

All those books you had already read or those toys you had forgotten about were given a second chance at life with a whole new set of kids. And they all came back much more damaged than when you parted with them.

5. You always got discounts at the school's book fairs.

Not only did you get 15 percent off of your purchases, but you also got to spend a lot more time exploring every corner of the book fair until you knew exactly where every item you wanted was located.

6. You never had to ride the bus home or wait in a carline to be picked up.

As much as normal kids hated waiting in a carline or riding the bus home, you always secretly wanted to try it. Instead, as soon as school let out, your teacher would send you to your mom's classroom, where you had to wait and do homework until she finished the carline duty.

7. Your mom always knew what happened that day before you had the chance to tell her.

You only had a small window of opportunity to confess the truth of what happened that day before she brought it up herself, which could be much worse. You were also always grateful that she pretended she didn't already know the story you were telling her.

8. She also knew when you failed a test, even before you knew yourself.

If you failed a test, which was very unlike you (since your mom always expected you to get good grades), mom was filled in on your big flop before you even had the chance to see your test. Your teacher also gave suggestions on how to help improve your grades, and it usually meant extra nights studying at the table along with practice problems provided by your teacher.

9. Instead of going to the nurse's office, you'd ask to go see your mom.

Mom knows best, and the people in the office liked you so much, that they didn't mind sending you to your mom.

10. People you don't even know recognize your last name and say, "My son/daughter so-and-so was in your mom's class a million years ago!"

This happens...a lot. You had never even met these people before, but as soon as you tell your mom who you saw, she would recognize the name, remember the year she had their kids, and also ramble off a story about them.

11. You knew all the school's gossip.

You knew which parents were starting problems, and what was really going on in the lives of the teachers. All of your mom's friends were teachers, too, so whenever they got together at your house on weekends you'd hear everything.

12. If you ever forgot to have something signed, you just had to ask the office to bring it to your mom.

The office really saw your face all too much. But since your mom was right down the hall, they didn't mind dropping off the unsigned paper during your mom's off hours.

13. Teachers always took extra pictures of you to give to your mom.

You were always sent home with twice as many pictures as the other students. The teachers knew how much your mom loved to get pictures, and they always expected your mom to do the same for their kids.

14. Your mom was always able to come to the award ceremonies and holiday class parties.

It was great being able to look into the crowd and you could immediately spot your mom smiling and waving at you. You also knew that if she was at an award ceremony, one of the teachers already told her you were getting something. She was also always able to stop by at the class parties and see what fun activities you were participating in.

15. You really considered being a teacher...until you heard everything your mom had to deal with on a daily basis.

You respect your mom for the amount of hours she put into working with children for such little pay. She didn't mind, though, and she loved her work. You even considered what it would be like to be a teacher, but then you're reminded of all the trouble that comes along with it and wonder if it would really be worth it.

The truth is, you were extremely lucky to have your mom working as a teacher. It didn't make your school experience any easier or provide you with more privileges because she always expected you to do just as well or even better as the children she taught. She had high expectations for you, and because you were the teacher's kid, everyone else had just as high of expectations. She was always there when you really needed her, and you wouldn't trade your memories made by having her around for anything in the world.

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