How To Survive Your Working Summer
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How To Survive Your Working Summer

Working summers are not always ideal but you're almost there.

How To Survive Your Working Summer
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Let's be real here. Working during the summer isn't fun. Like ever.

I don't care if you have the best job in the entire world, working during the one season where it's sunny all the time and everyone else seems to have nothing but free time sucks.

I currently have two jobs this summer, same as I did last summer, and it has really made me reflect on how I truly cannot survive without a job. I have had a consistent job ever since the beginning of my senior year. I need that constant feeling of productivity and income.

The first month of summer I had literally no job at all. I wasn't working for either job that I work for now and I literally had every single day off to do whatever I pleased and let me tell you, the excitement of doing anything I wanted to do wore off quick.

I felt myself having more days where I would wake up in the middle of the day, lounge around the house and then end up not doing anything productive because hey, by the time I woke up, my day was half way over.

But now that I'm working, I complain practically every time I have to go. It's a vicious cycle of wanting to work so I can have something to do and make money but then as soon as I have no time to do anything except work, I want nothing more than to be done with my shift.

I also seem to have less money than I thought was ever possible for a working person. Probably because I spend all my money on food? I need to stop doing that.

Basically, how do you survive a working summer?

It's less about surviving and more about changing your mindset, really. Sure, working isn't fun but every time I start to questioning just what am I doing with my life I remind myself of the overall goals.

Money. Saving up for experiences that I will ultimately cherish for my whole life.

Remind yourself what your goal is.

Saving up for those bomb Nike shoes you saw in the mall the other day? Or your favorite band's concerts? A plane ticket to another country?

Keep those images in mind.

Imagine yourself wearing those shoes you want so bad, or jumping up and down with your friends to the beat of your favorite song, or stepping off that plane into a place that you have never been before (or a place you love the most).

It's really easy to forget why you're doing something in the first place but remember, this job is good because it takes you one step closer to your goal. Sure, money doesn't buy happiness but it gives you the means to experience things or events that make you happy.

Working summers are not always ideal but you're almost there.

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