8 Ways To Help You Come Out Of Organic Chemistry Alive
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8 Ways To Help You Come Out Of Organic Chemistry Alive

Trust me, you're going to need all the help you can get.

8 Ways To Help You Come Out Of Organic Chemistry Alive

To most premed students, organic chemistry is a nightmare. However, with proper study techniques and discipline, you might find organic chemistry achievable and even enjoyable. So, to help you prepare for organic chemistry, here are some helpful techniques that can help you strive!

1. Read your textbook. 

For some reason, most college students avoid reading their textbooks. However, if you are taking organic chemistry, reading your textbook is crucial because it gives you a better understanding of what you've just learned in the lecture. Plus, if you paid for your textbooks, why not use it?

2. Review the material after a lecture. 

Learning complex subject calls for constant reviewing. Hearing the lesson once from your professor is not enough to retain all the information that you have just gathered. Reviewing the material instantly after a lecture will help with familiarizing yourself with the topic, therefore, helping you understand the lesson more deeply.

3. Get help from your professor or IA's. 

Never be shy when it comes to asking for help. It may be awkward at first, but it is for your benefit to ask for assistance.

4. Watch videos on topics you are learning.  

If you are a visual learner, watching videos is a must. One channel that I highly refer to on YouTube is The Organic Chemistry Tutor. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other channels and videos you can find online that brilliantly explains the subjects you're learning in organic chemistry.

5. Do not wait until the day before the quiz or exam to study.

There is no procrastination in organic chemistry if you want to pass. An all-nighter study session might work for other classes, but organic chemistry is not one of them. Students who wait until the very last minute to study usually end up with an undesirable grade. So, if you want to be successful in the class, make sure that you spend a great amount of time mastering it.

6. Practice, practice, practice! 

There are a few tricks in organic chemistry. You'll learn that there are rules that need to be followed and exceptions that need to be remembered. The best way to master the subject and avoid being tricked is by practicing constantly. With proper practice, you will find yourself successful in the class.

7. Study with others.  

Study groups are a waste of time if there are a lot of distractions. Therefore, when forming a study group, find individuals who you know will not be disturbing. Once you form this perfect group, study with them at least once a week because a group of people can help point out information that you might have forgotten during your individual learning.

8. Invest in organic chemistry necessities. 

Some organic chemistry necessities I highly suggest are the Molecular Model Kit and the book Organic Chemistry As a Second Language. These can be found on Amazon, as well as other shopping websites.

I hope that with these study techniques, you find organic chemistry a little less threatening. It will be difficult at first, but once you find the study habits that best fits you, your organic chemistry journey will be a lot more pleasant.

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