How To Successfully Do Laundry At College
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Student Life

How To Successfully Do Laundry At College

Laundry sucks, but if you follow these guidelines, it will make laundry a little easier to do.

How To Successfully Do Laundry At College

In college, besides the classes, homework, and social aspects, laundry is one of the most difficult transitions you'll ever make. Freshman year of college is the most confusing time for many students, and finding the time, energy, or an open washer is difficult. As a second year student in college, I have become The Laundry Master. Here are some tricks to becoming a laundry guru.

1. Just Do It.

Although college is a very tolerable and understanding place, for the most part, no one wants to sit next to the smelly kid in class. The easiest way to avoid that stereotype is by doing your laundry regularly. It doesn't need to be done every day, but when you're re-wearing your jeans and you notice a mustard stain but can't remember the last time you ate mustard, it's time for a wash.

2. Early Bird Gets The Best Washer.

The best times to do laundry are basically when the campus is silent. Whether that time is college standard early (AKA 9 am), or really late at night (AKA when you're seventeen hours into a Netflix binge and realize you haven't gotten out of bed all day). As the school year continues, you will find which washers and dryers you prefer and which times work for your schedule but contradicts the schedule of everyone else in your building.

3. Pods, Pods, Pods.

Although they are the more expensive alternative in laundry detergent technology, spend the extra two dollars. Nothing is more depressing than when you drop the entire bottle of detergent on the laundry room floor and have to buy more. That happened to me freshman year, and I am not sure who was more upset, me or the janitor. Bringing the pod into the laundry room is so simple. Just throw all your grubby clothes into the machine, insert a pod, and press whichever cycle you fancy.

4. Set A Damn Timer.

Set. A. Timer. If you do not go to your machine on time and there are people waiting for your machine, your clothing and such will be put on the table or floor or anywhere else. College students are savages, especially when they run out of clean underwear, so do yourself a favor and set a damn timer. Use that smart phone the good lord made ya and put a timer on. Heck, set it a few minutes early!

5. Wash Your Clothing Responsibly.

CHECK YOUR POCKETS!! Try a little harder not to mix colors and whites, although I am a notorious mixer, it is my job to promote safe laundry techniques. Do not stuff the washers and dryers. If you need more than one machine, get over it, don't wait so long to do your laundry next time.

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