5 Ways To Stay Laser-Focused In School
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5 Ways To Stay Laser-Focused In School

The days of procrastinating are over!

5 Ways To Stay Laser-Focused In School
Kandis Snyder

There are times where we get caught up and lose focus on our education and studies. Maybe it is the social life or it is just because you are so tired of millions of tests and tons of homework. According to Niche.com , there are ways that you can stay focus on school without referring to drugs for help.

Get Some Sleep

Our body runs really good on energy when we have had a good amount of sleep. According to Stanford University, the average sleep requirement for college students runs over eight hours. Every time there is loss of sleep, the tiredness builds up more and more. The best way to help is to try and get your assignments done on time during the day. That way when it is time to go to sleep you have all your worries behind you to get a good night of rest. Setting your alarm to help make a routine can help as well.

Eat Breakfast

Whenever we wake up, we are either in a hurry to get to class or just forget about even doing it. We do not eat a good breakfast. Eating first thing in the morning provides your body with a fresh start of energy throughout the day. In doing this, your body can sustain food until you eat lunch. That way while you are in class you do not have to focus so much as what you need to fill your belly and instead focus on the lesson. It does not even have to be a big meal. You can have some oatmeal or fruit. You can also have a cup of yogurt.

Take a Minute Away From Your Phone

Our phones seem to be the basis of life. We treat our devices as if they are means of living. One second away and we are dying. Even in class, we cannot seem to stay away from them. We can try turning it off or putting it in our bags with the sound off to keep us from being distracted from the lesson or studying. This also teaches us ways of not relying on our phones. It also helps improve social life in the forms of talking and not texting.

Sit In The Front or By The Front of The Class

When we enter the classroom, we move towards the middle or back of the classroom. It may seem cooler back there, but being so far away from the lesson can cause us to become so out of focus. We either fall asleep back there or we get on our phones. Whereas being in the front of the classroom can provide us with enough distraction on the teacher. Being in the front also helps you to catch the details that you may miss while being in the back.


Exercising can cause increased oxygen flow to the brain. The added oxygen can help us focus a lot better on whatever we are doing whether it is reading a book or listening to the teacher. Maybe going on a run or doing some sort of exercise in the morning can help stimulate the brain. Going through the day with no stimulation of energy can cause your body to feel deflated and sleepy. With added energy, we can feel ready to start the day and learn what we need to in class.

I have tried these few tips and they have really helped me to focus better on my studies. Maybe you should give it a try. School is almost here again and we need all the focus we can get. Let's have a happy learning!

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