17 Ways To Survive The Summer Heat

An Ice Cold Dr. Pepper And These 17 Other things that are basically Dopamine when it's 90 degrees

Summer in the south is no joke, and being right above Texas does not help any.


1. ICED Coffee

Iced Coffee

In the summer, we drink ice coffee. Nothing better than cold and caffeine. The two C's.

2. Nothing beats a snow cone.

Most traditional snow cone stands do not open until the summer. My personal favorite doesn't open until May, making snow cones pretty much strictly a summer thing.

3. Olivia O'brain says it best: Root beer Floats.

What screams summer more than ice cream and Root Beer? It combines two of summer's prized possessions.

4. Lake or pool days

When it's hot, being in the water makes everything better.

5. Summer adventures to somewhere--literally anywhere.

This is Pops off of Route 66, but your adeventure can be as simple as a day trip somewhere and back.

6. Free Slushy Day at 7/11

I mean, c'mon. We wait for this day ALL year.

7. Route 44 Sonic Drinks or slushes.

In small-town USA, ice-cold Sonic fountain drinks make people's weeks.

8. S'mores over the fire.. Or stovetop, in my case.

Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers all make for an old-school, late-night summer favorite.

9. Ice-cold dill pickles

Maybe it's a southern thing, but I very distinctly remember walking into my grandma's house and grabbing a big pickle and thinking it was the best thing in the world.

10. Late-night stargazing

It's romantic, and during the late summer haze when there are not too many clouds, it is perfect stargazing weather.

11. Watermelon

Or all fruit, really! I kid you not, one summer my dad had a watermelon birthday cake because it was July, and to this day, nothing tastes better than a juicy piece of watermelon.

12. Fans.

If you have ever gone without AC, you know exactly why I say this.

13. Tubing down the river.

This is perfect if you want a summer tan but to still get a little wet.

14. Pontoons and boating on the lake.

So many country songs to name, but this covers everything from "Pontoon" to "Red Neck Yacht Club." Just grab your cozy, and water it up.

15. Ice-cold Corona with a lime or margarita

Nothing says we can't add a little buzz to the water.

16. Pop Ice

This is so 90s and early 2000s but Its is not really summer until you have had a Pop Ice from the grocery store or a popsicle in general.

17. Grilling.

Grills are always great, but if you grill late enough in the summer day, you can actually enjoy the process.

There you have it, folks. All the true summer things feel like a tall glass of water when the scale hit 90, or for some, 118. One more thing I want to mention, though, just as a fun fact: even if you don't have a sunburn, put on aloe vera when coming inside from that scorching heat. Just trust me.

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