Now that everyone is relaxing at home with their friends and family, it's a good time to think about ways to excel next semester! It's really easy to take a few hours to get organized while still at home. Making any last minute changes to your schedule, order your textbooks, and buying new notebooks or other supplies to stay organized are simple and effortless ways to prepare for the semester.

Another thing to do is to try to plan to get back to school a day or two before classes start. Cleaning up your dorm, apartment, or house, going to the grocery store, and catching up on laundry will ensure you can focus solely on school when classes start.

As much as everyone loves to do nothing during syllabus week, you should make sure to do a few essential things. Going to class the first week is important so you are aware of each of your professor's policies and how each class is structured. Also, always read through your syllabi. Knowing attendance requirements and when assignments/exams are due will allow you to plan out your semester and make a study plan. This will make it easier for you to feel on top of things this semester!

You should also spend a couple minutes after class or go to your professors office hours to introduce yourself during the first weeks of school. I promise, it will make you more likely to go visit them if you have a question or are struggling later in the semester. Plus, it's good to make connections with your superiors in case you need a letter of recommendation later down the road.

I also make it a priority to put any important dates into my planner as soon as I read through all my syllabi. Writing down exams dates, assignment deadlines, and even when you have doctor appointments or meetings will assist in showing you weeks when things will be super hectic so you know to plan ahead accordingly.

Planning, organization, and a little preparation can make things go more smoothly the entire semester! Don't forget to pencil in some naps too!