Spend Zero Cash But Still Have A Blast In February

February can be an expensive month if you have a significant other. Not everything you do this month (or next) needs to cost money. Here are 10 ways to save some serious cash.

Re-watch your favorite movies

ESPECIALLY one that will give you nostalgic feelings.

Have a dance party

Be sure to invite your closest friends and be ready to sing your favorite song.

Watch the sunset

When was the last time you actually watched the sunset? These past two years we have been giving the moon all the attention. I think we should show the sun some love.

Invite your friends over and play a board game

Monopoly can be a good way to test the strength of your friendship!

Rearrange your furniture

It gives your places a new look and it is fun to redecorate!


There are a lot of places to volunteer at, and you can even volunteer online.

Visit your local library

When was the last time you really let yourself go and read a book?

Practice orgami

So that way you can show of your new skill on your next date.

Make a time capsule

Gather things around your house that represent the time you are living in.

Call a family member that you haven't talked to in a while

I'm sure they would love to hear your voice.

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