8 Places To Volunteer Online

Volunteering not only looks good on your resume, studies have shown that it can make you feel better too! A lot of these experiences will change how you view the world. You can make a difference.

1. Crisis Counselor for Crisis Textline.

You will have to be 18 or older and be able to come up with at least 2 references. To find out more you or to apply you can here.

2. Animal rescue shelter!

These animals would love the attention and you could go as far as fostering the animals till they get adopted. Visit your local animal shelter and volunteer!

3. Retirement homes.

A lot of times the elderly are often left alone and have no one that visits them.

4. Become an online emotional support person at 7 cups!

You can volunteer at anytime and spend as many hours you want to helping someone. You can sign up here.

5. Be the eyes for someone who is visionally impaired.

It can be hard to see the expiration date when you do not have perfect vision. Learn more about Be My Eyes, here.

6. Send a letter to those undergoing chemotherapy .

One small note can make someone smile for the whole day. You can apply here.

7. Read to children at your local community center.

It can help develop their language skills.

8. Proof read ebooks!

Help out all of those aspiring authors! You can sign up here!

You can put as much or as little time as you want to. I promise it will make a difference!

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