How To Prep For Your Remote Classes This Fall
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Student Life

How To Prep For Your Remote Classes This Fall

Your how-to guide to prep for your classes and rework your study space!

How To Prep For Your Remote Classes This Fall
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During summer and all throughout quarantine, college kids have been asking themselves one thing: "what are my classes going to look like this fall?" Announcements have been vague and decisions that have been made are still subject to change as new COVID-19 updates are announced. Quite simply, this unprecedented time has just about everyone stressed out and leaves college students' plans up in the air.

Since my freshman year in FSU's dorms, my resident hall staff always reminded us to separate our workspace from our relaxation space to better our mental health. It made sense - if you work in the same place you sleep and relax, boundaries are crossed and you'll never have a good balance. Remote classes can be difficult and combining different areas of your life under one roof can be tricky, to say the least.

As we're prepping for going back to school, here are a few ways you can make the best of your remote classes.

Maintain a clean space. 

A clean space equals a fresh mind (for the most part). Devote time each week to tidying up your living and study areas. If you live in an apartment or house, get your roommates on board and tackle the task together. If you're in a dorm, keep your half organized and clutter-free. A dirty area can be an underlying stressor that you probably don't even realize exists, so cleaning up and cleaning often is good for a positive headspace.

Stick to a schedule. 

Whether you need to write it down or keep a mental note of it, create a schedule of what you're going to do each day. You can plan it out hour by hour or simply categorize your tasks by "morning" and "night," but regardless, know when you're going to complete what. Creating a routine keeps you on track and less forgetful of your assignments.

Know when to wind down and get some sleep. 

Similarly, know when it's time to get some sleep. It's easy to sleep half the day away and stay up super late, but you'll need to get back on a normal sleep schedule in order to be productive and useful with your remote classes. Your body relies on circadian rhythms, so disrupting them can affect your focus on a lot of things but especially your studies.

Have some of your favorite things around. 

You don't have to make your at-home set up a prison. Have some of your favorite snacks on hand, your favorite candle burning, the best music playing in the background, and your LED lights on in the evening - just to name a few examples. Little things like this make your environment way more enjoyable and feel less like you're stuck at home.

Keep a note of projects you want to do, and actually do them. 

If you want to complete a few projects that you haven't gotten around to, now is the time! TikTok room DIYs and YouTube budget renovations are popping up on everyone's feeds right now. If you feel inspired to add new curtains or a gallery wall to your space, make a note of them and do them when you have free time. It keeps your space new and fun, and ultimately distracts you from extreme boredom during at-home studies.

Switch up your study space often. 

If you aren't able to do a lot of heavy DIYs, something simple as switching around the layout of your room can make a big difference. Moving your bed to a different area of your room or changing the layout of your desk can give a fresh look to your space without having to spend any money. The space you work in is super important, and making it as inviting as possible is crucial during remote classes.

Plan things to do when you're not working or studying. 

While you might not have a lot of free time, plan out some simple and safe things to do that aren't related to your academics or work. Just to name a few: go grocery shopping, order some new video games, stream a new television show, pick up a new book from the library, or research and start a new hobby.

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