How To Power Through Spring Semester

Spring fever is upon us all, with school ending in a few short weeks and the weather beginning to become nicer. With this being said, it can be hard to stay focused. So, here are some ways we are feeling this semester and how to push through.

When you wake up and you do not have to wear a jacket for the first time in months.

And then five minutes later, it's -20 degrees.

When you have so much homework and have decided you will be dropping out.

And then you work feverishly through the night to finish your research paper.

When all you can think about is the summer and the nice weather to come.

But remember you still have three weeks left of school.

When it is 70 degrees out and there are 3 different darties to go to.

But you subconsciously know you should be doing all of your homework instead.

When it is finals week and 80 degrees out, so you decide to do the right thing and sit outside to tan.

And you pay for it by not knowing anything on your exams.

When you finally finish your exams and can go home.

Good luck finishing spring semester!! Power through!!!

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