How To Motivate Yourself Again

Getting back into the rhythm of things or trying something completely new is not as easy as people would like to believe. Sure, "just do it." Easy for you to say. When you find yourself stuck just remember there are ways to get things done or accomplished without overwhelming yourself or getting worried about it. I'm all about the baby steps. Maybe you are getting back into working out or just starting, or you are getting a new job, or getting started on a new book, or even getting started on a new you. Regardless of the change you seek, there are steps that can be taken to make the transition a little easier and most importantly: accomplished.

Make a goal for yourself. It is a lot harder to look at the larger picture and try to get something done, more because we will constantly worry about the impossibility or difficulty of things. Set small goals. If it is a book you want to write, do not pressure yourself. Instead, make a promise to at least write one paragraph a day. I remember hearing someone else say that in order to accomplish what they wrote, they told themselves that every time they did not write that day they had to write down why. In other words the person would find that what they wrote were excuses nine out of ten times, instead of legitimate reasons.

Practice it often. Maybe even after trying so many times, you feel a bit lost and it is not working for you. Maybe your workouts are too tiring or too easy or just right yet not doing the trick. Do not give up. Change it up and see what works. Maybe your new book needs a twist that requires you to even take a break.

That's another thing. Do not be afraid to take a step back and relax. It is okay to have days where you need to let your thoughts marinate or your body relax.

Self reflect on the process and realize its progress. Make sure to recognize that each little ounce of time invested is not a waste but a small path to your success of obtaining your goal. The little things do count. It's kind of like collecting change. At the start the quantity is not much, but after time it all adds up.

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