10 Ways To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Senior Year
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10 Ways To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Senior Year

Take a deep breath – you're old.

10 Ways To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Senior Year
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College is definitely one of the best experiences in your life. From parties, to friends, to experiencing life away from your parents for the first time, it's easy to get wrapped up in those first few semesters and forget about the end goal. If you're like me, an incoming senior, you're probably starting to realize you need to start thinking about that scary thing that comes after this last year of college. If you're starting to freak out for the ~real world~,here's a list of ways to prepare for the best senior year possible!

1. Just accept it-you're old and you're gonna be a real adult soon.

Pushing away and burying the fact that you're going to graduate only does one thing: keeps you from accomplishing anything you have been working towards all of college. The second you just say to yourself "Hey, I'm a senior, I should really get my sh*t together," you can start to make plans and reach your goals.

2. Get a planner.

Get on top of your schedule this year! Write out your schedule for the year- classes, work, time with friends. Keeping track of all your responsibilities will not only make sure you attend them all, but will also prepare you for that dreaded real world.

3. Take your academics seriously this year.

No more rolling out of bed 5 minutes before and sprinting over in your pajamas! Pack your bags and take out your clothes the night before, wake up earlier than you need to, wear real clothes and go to your classes every day! Just preparing yourself for classes will get you in the right mindset for getting ready for work every morning.

4. Get an "adulting" notebook.

Go pick out your favorite notebook from the store. Congrats, here's your Adulting Notebook! Use this space to write down everything you'll need for your soon-to-be adult life. First, start off slow. Write out dream jobs, places around the country you want to be, how you want to live. As your ideas and goals become more real, begin to use this notebook to plan out everything you want and need for yourself in the future. Having all your thoughts in one place will be easy and simple to see, and writing everything down will help you make solid decisions.

5. Value your college friends.

If you're like me and go to school out of state with a bunch of other out-of-staters, you're starting to realize you might not see your friends after college nearly as much as you have the past four years. So instead of hiding in your room watching Netflix every night, go spend time with them. Take the picture even if you feel ugly and hate pictures. Make plans ahead of time to do fun activities. You'll want to remember as much as you can

6. Reach out for opportunities ASAP.

If there's something that you can do to get yourself ahead, GO FOR IT. Apply for that internship, write that Honors Thesis, join that extracurricular you've always wanted to try. Do anything and everything you can to show that you didn't just sit on your ass for four years. Organizations will love to see that kind of stuff on resumes and that you took an extra interest in the world outside of your college's bubble.

7. Seriously consider where you see yourself in 5 years.

When thinking about things to write in your Adulting Journal, seriously think about this cliche of a question: where do you see yourself in 5 years? Working in an office or outdoors? Living in a city or in a suburb? At one location for 5 years or a few different jobs? Working or more school? Deciding on these choices will help you to set goals early on in the year, and work towards these goals.

8. Start saving money-FORREALZ.

Student loans, rent, electricity, water, groceries.....being an adult (and REALLY being an adult on your own) means being financially independent from Mom and Dad. That's a whole lot of money you're about to be spending! So skip the Chipotle or the Starbucks every other week or so, and be thankful you're not at the place yet where every paycheck is going towards having hot air in the winters.

9. Take pictures of stupid stuff.

Take pictures of your messy room. Your kitchen. Your academic rooms. Take a picture with your favorite professor, of your favorite study spot, of your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant in town. You'll want to remember as much as you can from these four years, especially of your senior year.

10. Thank Mom and Dad.

If you're like me, you owe everything to your parents. You wouldn't have been able to get this far in your life without their emotional, mental, and financial support. Seeing you up there on that podium with your cap and gown will mean everything to them. So seriously thank them this year. In fact, over-thank them for everything they've done for you. Don't ignore their texts and phone calls, go home for a weekend every once in a while, and send them cards for their birthdays and holidays. Make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them.

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