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6 Tips to Make A Resume That Will REALLY Make You Stand Out

Get ready for the internship offers to start flying in!

6 Tips to Make A Resume That Will REALLY Make You Stand Out

Summer internships are the name of the game. Year after year the deadlines get earlier, the competition gets fiercer, and you grow sadder. Your parents may tell you that they love you... but unless you can secure that highly coveted banking job, they're probably laughing behind your back. Separate yourself from the pack and show your parents that you weren't a mistake with these easy tips to create a perfect resume that's sure to get you any interview!

1. Grab their attention with a unique design.

Recruiters are tasked with sorting through countless applicants. The more prestigious the job, the more resumes they'll thumb through with tired eyes. If you can catch their attention right off the bat, you may get more than a cursory glance. No one has ever rolled their eyes at a meme - show off your millennial spirit with some 'dank' images that reflect your personality!

2. Keep yourself front and center.

When it comes to your resume, you're the star of the show! Keep the attention on you. Many people choose to use other people's names on their resume. Don't do this! Whenever possible try to make it clear that this resume is, in fact, yours. Remind readers by repeating your name early and often!

3. Highlight your strengths.

There's no need to cram every activity you've ever done into your resume. Be selective when choosing the elements that you include. Think about what may appeal to the recruiter for this particular job and emphasize those roles, rather than including less important activities for their own sake.

4. Don't be afraid to have fun with it.

If you don't enjoy making your resume, then no one will enjoy reading it! Play some fun music, invite a few friends over, and grab a case of beer before you start editing. If you're getting lit while transcribing your professional accomplishments, it's guaranteed to be a hit! Also - don't revise. That shows weakness. A few choice spelling errors will show future employers that you aren't afraid to have some fun!

5. Choose your words carefully.

Every part of a resume matters. With only a short space to impress, no element can be overlooked. Use action verbs like 'built,' 'analyzed,' 'shoved,' or 'defenestrated' to create an aura of hard work and physical strength. Do your best to fill all white space on the page. Remember: white space makes means you're a disgrace. When you run out of words, just throw in a few black boxes to fill the page.

6. Lie!

Last time I checked, the Human Resources department isn't the police. Whenever you feel that a little embellishment could improve your chances at an interview, go the extra mile with a few white lies. Some people may call this 'unethical' or 'easily verified.' Those people are haters and losers, of course! Literally rub your big ol' paycheck in their face once you secure the job of your dreams! If your employer uses direct deposit then just spit on them.

Bonus Tip: always remember to leave just a small piece of your resume dangling onto a second page.

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