The '90s treated us well. Perhaps a little too well? Who wants to let go of the fact that the 90s are as far away as 2030 is near! IT'S ABSURD. Who wants to forget about the beloved orange VCR tapes or our favorite dunkable snack, Dunkaroos? Eh, screw living in the now, I want be back in the era where feeding my tamagotchi was my only problem. I know I am not the only one.

Here are five things to know before living with someone who's stuck in the '90s:

1. Food As Outdated As The Style.

If you're rummaging through the cabinet and you see food that you thought didn’t exist anymore, then it most likely belongs to the 90’s lover you're rooming with. These things may include Gushers, different colored Heinz ketchup, Lunchables and Campbell’s Spaghetti O’s (my past personal favorite). So if you see it, DON’T TOUCH IT. Save yourself dawg.

2. Good Old American Sitcoms.

You'll inevitably hear the well-known “Everywhere you Look” or “I’ll Be Waiting For You” intros blaring in the living room. Just, don’t saying anything about our habit of binge watching, I mean you have Pretty Little Liars, and we don't judge you—reciprocate.

Because if you don't, you will get a stink eye like you wouldn't believe. So, just give a “Wow, Uncle Jesse is looking good in that leather jacket” and that will do wonders. Because c’mon it's Uncle Jesse?

3. Style Fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Whenever your roommate asks whether or not their outfit looks good, lie. The over-sized blue jeans with the over-sized black-and-white plaid flannel works. But that side pony with the purple scrunchie has got to go. Also, are those the Doc Martens I saw Beacons Closet was selling yesterday. Nope no point of saying anything, they are too invested.

4. Slang Dawg.

Okay, so you probably know some slang from when you were younger, but some of these terms are a little different than you remember. Some things to expect when living with a '90s connoisseur is receiving “cheddar” for rent this week. Or perhaps an “eat my shorts” when asked to do manual labor. Oh don’t worry that means to go… hmm, maybe you should check that one out.

5. Beware Of The Music Choices.

If you dare ask who's Lisa Left Eye Lopez you might get a few choice words. When your roommate is hard-core jamming to something that has to do with “people not wanting a scrub” or “creeping” don’t think anything of it. This is a natural part of being an admirer of the '90s. Along with adoring something called a “back street boy.”