"Don't try to sail your ship now by how the wind is going to be in three days" or how the wind was three days ago. "You have to sail with the winds as they are now." -Stefan Molyneux

Three days ago you and your girlfriend/boyfriend were perfect, happy, and in love. Today you wake up upset, confused, and broken. It is easy to sail your ship by how the wind was three days ago.

Yes; I know things felt right three days ago, but are you going to let this person keep breaking you apart?

It is easy to get stuck in the waves; stuck going through the motions. These waves, however, build upon each other. The feelings you are facing now will only escalate and create a storm.

It is hard to accept that your relationship is not what it used to be. It is also hard to accept that your relationship may not be heading in the direction that you've always imagined.

Has anyone told you lately that you matter, you're special, and you're worthy of a faithful and encouraging relationship? If not, or even if so, I am here to tell you that you are worth it. Hanging on to pieces of an unhealthy relationship results in an unhealthy self-image. Do not let someone else steer you away from your 'island'.

Your island can signify your home, your spirit, your past, present and future. Your island is where your dreams, your goals, and your passions dwell. This island is unique and beautiful.

Sometimes we can feel as though our relationship is like seasickness. It makes us feel disgusting and as though we cannot go on any longer. We feel sick to our stomachs. The only thing we can think of is getting off yet where do we go? There is no other land in sight, only the chaos of the water below.

At this point what do we do? Most would say stay on the ship, take the hits, continue the seasickness until there is a convenient time to get off. I would say otherwise. Confront the situation. There is no convenient time to end a relationship. Take control of the situation and verbalize how you feel. Take the wheel; do not let someone be in control of your life. Tell them you can't take the up and downs and can't see the point of sailing in a boat to nowhere.

How is the wind right now? How is your relationship right now?

Live your life on your own course.

How do you know your relationship has sailed? When you are more upset than you are happy, when you are more fearful than joyful, when you are more insecure than you are encouraged.

You know your relationship has sailed when you feel too little to take the wheel.

Take the wheel. You deserve more.