How To Have Your Spot Blown Up
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How To Have Your Spot Blown Up

And why you shouldn't let it happen.

How To Have Your Spot Blown Up

Have you ever been in a public setting when you hear someone exposing something that you secretly did? If you have then *newsflash* your spot has just been blown up! To have your spot blown up is not someone gossiping about something embarrassing you did the other weekend; it is so much more. For example, imagine that you "accidentally" made out with someone. However, you have also previously made out with that someone's roommate. Then a few days later, a random acquaintance is talking to the one roommate about how you recently made out with the other roommate - even though that was top secret information that would mess up your relationships with the two - ultimately blowing up your spot. This can happen in all sorts of situations that are more or less serious than this example (you can even blow up your own spot), yet every scenario is equally as traumatizing. You're just trying to live your life, and it seems like no one is letting you. Here are the stages of getting your spot blown up:

Doing something shady

To have your spot blown up, you first have to do something really shady - you generally make a move that you know is risky and that you know no one can find out.

Telling someone what you did

Obviously at least one person has to know what happened otherwise your spot couldn't even get blown up. However, in the case that you blow up your own spot, you skip this step and become your own "secret keeper."

The "secret keeper" telling someone who is important the secret

If the "secret keeper" is truly evil, they will purposely tell your secret. Usually though, this is done by accident, with the "secret keeper" unintentionally spilling all the details of your life. If you're the one exposing your own secrets, then you definitely did this by accident.


Without confrontation, you wouldn't know your spot was blown up. Whether the confrontation is extremely dramatic or not, the confrontation is what makes having your spot blown up different than having your secrets told. When your spot is blown up, there are definitely consequences.

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