If you don't live at or near home visiting for the holidays is probably a bid deal. It can be really nice to see family and old friends but sometimes it can be a total pain in the mistletoe.

The perks of visiting home are seeing familiar faces, having someone else cook for you, and getting to step out of your normal reality. It can really be a low-stress vacation that leaves you feeling happier and grateful. However, the cons are that it doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes that family time is filled with intruding questions and judgment and seeing family turns sadly into a burden. Maybe your phone will suddenly blow up from all your old high school friends, making home time the time to hide from old flames.

Overall, the holidays can bring out the worst in being back home, but here are some tips to fight the December blues.

Make some time for yourself.

Family and seeing old friends is important but so is getting some time all for yourself. It can be overwhelming playing 20 questions every time you see a new person or just trying to fit seeing everyone into your schedule. Make sure you have time to breathe. Go to a movie or even just hang out in your room reading a book, this time of year it may be nice to go for a walk too!

Create things you're looking forward to.

If you have plans that excite you you'll enjoy the visit so much more if you have plans that are actually your own. Personally, I like going on walks with my dogs and seeing all the holiday decorations. It will also make the time home feel more valuable and it makes it go by quicker!

Finally, remember to be grateful.

When you're feeling overwhelmed or regretting going home, you need to remember to be grateful. Be thankful you have a home to go to, and people who care about you. The holidays can make you feel crazed and strung out but knowing that you're fortunate enough to celebrate them can really counter those bad feelings.

Let yourself work towards a happy holiday this year!