5 Things I Am Thankful For During COVID19 Crisis
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5 Things I Am Thankful For During COVID19 Crisis

Answer that Facetime call! Hug your siblings!

5 Things I Am Thankful For During COVID19 Crisis

Staying positive is said to heal all sorrows...well maybe not quite. Moving out of my perfect little haven at UK today opened the dam of tears that have been just waiting to be set free, but that is not to say there are not some silver linings when it comes to this far from ideal situation. I know you all have seen the Andy Beshear memes, you've eaten home-cooked meals, and you have come face to face with that kid you did not know existed in your zoom meetings. While I am not standing here on the stage of the Mean Girls intervention asking for rainbows and sunshine, I am standing here (sitting let's be real) hoping this could help us all remember the privileges and blessings we have in this time!



Alright, boys and girls! I know this one seems obvious, but I find myself taking even this one for granted. You know that meme of Kim Kardashian crying over her diamond earring in the middle of her tropical vacation, only to have Kourtney remind her that people are in fact dying? Yep. My diamond earring is my change in plans for the next five months, but guess what, people are dying. My plans are really not the end of the world. I am fortunate enough to be healthy, to not have any symptoms, and to not have COVID19. So many wish they and/or their loved ones could just be healthy, so I am going to take my nice full breath every morning. Because. I. Can.


Sheridan Forker

Moving out of UK was not my favorite thing, but luckily I had a room with a bed waiting for me in WKY. Not only do I have a roof over my head, but I also have parents that love me, to have a little brother that is my sanity partner in all of this, and to have extended family Facetimes daily (these Facetimes happen at 5:30 pm and are themed, in case you were wondering). Sticking together in times of uncertainty is necessary, so to be surrounded by people who are obligated to love me and talk to me is something I am incredibly grateful for.



Don't worry, I took my Chacos off and am not even eating my granola as I type this. Seriously though, have yall looked to see this crisis's impact on our planet? A silver lining if you ask me! And if you're not one to check on greenhouse gases with your morning tea, surely you have been outdoors. If not, I highly suggest it. I got my World Health notification to stick to a routine, so you can bet every day at 3 pm my family and I go walk outside. Remembering that there is a big wide world out there that is still living and growing gives me perspective when this virus has me panicky.



What a time to have a working phone AND a laptop, oh and lets not the chargers that keep these things going. Not only do I feel #blessed to have the opportunity to continue furthering my education during a pandemic, but I also get the spouts of structure that comes with face-timing your professor from home. I can continue learning (my favorite thing, yes I am proud of my nerd status), I can keep my friends that I have made (wouldn't want to forget what they look like or ya know not know what they had for breakfast), and I can even go to church (hey @southland, the organization of your online services is nothing short of perfection). Did I ever fully appreciate social media and streaming platforms? Nope. Would you look at that, now I do!

Health workers, safety, and public officials


I thought about calling this little subsection heroes but realized my Marvel Marathon may have gotten a bit out of control today. But in all reality, there are people risking their lives when the rest of us are told to stay away from others. THANK YOU! Thank you to the doctors and nurses and police officers and government officials that are serving their communities while risking their own health. I am sure you all are overworked and stressed, and I just hope that we are all remembering that being healthy in our homes is a privilege.

With all of this said, I hope everyone is staying safe. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, so keep that perspective, find those new hobbies, and reach out to one another. If Rapunzel can handle social distancing for 18 years with only a chameleon and her mother, we can handle this too.

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