It can be really challenging sometimes to find that perfect schedule that has all the classes your advisor wants you to take, but with no 8ams or no large breaks between your classes or even just making sure those classes are still available when you go to register is stressful enough. Follow these tips to ensure you get the best schedule.

1. List out the classes

Whether they were the classes your advisor told you to take or they are the ones in your four year plan or on your degree works. List them out on an excel sheet and give each class a color.

2. Make a calendar

Using the same excel sheet make two weekly calendar to start so list Monday-Friday and add all borders

3. Now look up when your classes are offered

Find the section that works best with your schedule so having no classes on Friday or making sure your lab doesn't interfere with another class. Under each class write down at least three options of when you would want to take that class

4. Rate my professor

Make sure you double check the professors with all three sections you wrote down whether it's asking someone who has already taken that class or using rate my professor which I really like to use.

5. Put each class into your weekly schedule

Add one section of each class that best works with all the other classes make sure your write down the class, section, time and location. Make sure each class is highlighted with the color we assigned earlier.

6. Double check the building location

Make sure your classes aren't too far away so you don't have 10mins to get across campus

7. Have more than one option

Make sure that there is a second schedule that you wouldn't be upset having in case the section or professor you want is taken.

8. Have many alarms set

Set many alarms for the day and time when you need to register, don't forget to register and don't panic. Follow your schools instructions on how to register and get all the classes you need and want.

9. Don't be afraid to ask questions

If you are ever confused don't be afraid to ask your friends or advisor questions about registering.

Happy registering! :)