How to Gym as Told by Princesses
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Going To The Gym As Told By Disney Princesses

Even Princesses Struggle


When you decide it's time to get fit

The excitement is just too much to contain

After sitting on your couch for a month straight, you realize what you must do. Go to the gym. You realize how unfit you are so you get excited to start going to the gym again. The "first time in a long time" kind of excitement hits you hard and your totally ready to get back into it.

Signing your life and bank account away

The contract

Now that you decided to go back to the gym, you realize that you cancelled your gym contract. Therefore, time to sign up again. You are locked into your contract for ALL OF ETERNITY. Just kidding, but sometimes it really feels like it.

​If you believe you can do it, you can do it... right?

Don't get your hopes up

Now that your signed up again you walk into the gym on your first day back with the hope in your eyes. The gym is once again your domain and you are going to conquer it. You will persevere this time at all costs. You have researched the best workouts, you ate fruit this morning, and to top it all off you are in your best athletic gear.

The workout

Run ,run, run

Workouts can never truly begin without some good old fashion cardio to start it off. You hop on the treadmill or the elliptical or the stair master and get to work

When you accomplish your set

Yeah, I did that

Whether it be an ab workout, lifting, or just making it to a machine, any small accomplishment becomes a big accomplishment int the gym. Anything that doesn't involve you walking out the door after five minutes is a BIG feat. SO give yourself a gold star, a pat on the back, anything that will get you to keep yourself motivated.

When someone is on the machine you wanted


That moment when you are on a roll with your workout, have it all planned and then you see someone using the machine you wanted to use. At that point you go to the machine next to it to make it look like you aren't secretly hurt and annoyed all at the same time. You use that new machine for one minute, realize that you don't know what it is and then give up. Most of the time this one disruption screws with the rest of the workout and you decided to cut your losses and leave.

The next day

Totally not worth waking up

Your plans to go to the gym every day that week go out the window when you wake up the next morning and realize how sore you are.You haven't worked out in so long so moving any part of your body just hurts. You want to go, but it becomes impossible.

Two days later and its still not happening

Cry it out, it's okay

Two days after your grand entrance into the gym world and you realized you haven't kept your promise to go. Mentally, you want to go, but physically that's a whole different story. You come up with excuse after excuse on why you can't go (none of which are real excuses not to go)

Back at it

Work it

Eventually, you get out of your own head, realize you paid so you have to go and you can't quit now when you just stared.You pick your butt off the couch and make your way to the gym. You start to go more frequently and eventually, you can kick some butt.

The Transformation

Bippity Boppity Boo

You have figured out your schedule and you have been going to the gym for a while now. You start to feel like a completely different person. You are stronger, more toned and no longer look like you've been sitting on the couch for weeks. Hello next size down!

When you finally feel confident in yourself

I'm feeling myself

That moment where your transformation no longer is just physical, it's mental as well. You feel more confident in not only your body , but who you are as a person. You feel like you are ready to take on the world. You have become the queen you were always meant to be. You go girl!

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