So with it now being the month of May, it is notable that prom season is now approaching for many high schools. I've been out of high school for almost a year now, but I still remember going to both my junior and senior prom.

To those that are going to prom for the first time, amazing! To those that are going again, also amazing! From the two times I went to prom, here are a couple of things that I took from them.

1. Don't feel pressured to find a date.

Friends are just as fun as a date. If you already have a date and you get invited to join a friend group, join them. It'll probably make the night more eventful.

2. Don't spend too much money on a dress.

Is there a dress that is totally under your budget but it's still really pretty and you really want it? Get it! You'll save more money.

3. Make sure you know what hairstyle you want when going into a hair appointment.

Senior prom I found the hairstyle I wanted for prom minutes before my appointment. Good thinking on my part, haha.

4. Don't be afraid to say no to a date you don't want to go with.

It might make the person who asked you feel bad, but it's better than not having a fun night with someone you didn't want to go with.

5. Don't be the one sitting in the corner when everyone is on the dance floor.

It's probably the last time you'll see some of these people! Have fun!

6. Leave a situation if you are uncomfortable.

You want to try and have a drama-free night. I mean, you don't want to be in the middle of it.

7. Smile for the pictures, even if you don't want to.

Please smile. It'll make your parents happy and if you had a good night, you'll look back on the pictures and remember the fun.

8. Guys, please know what a corsage is.

It's a flower wristband that goes on the left wrist. There you go.

9. The most important tip: be careful driving.

It's been harped on and some might be sick of hearing it, but it really is important. If you're the driver and you're tired, have someone else drive or get someone who is capable of driving. Be aware of traffic. The last thing people want is to see that someone has died driving home from prom. It's already a big tragedy.