How to create a bitcoin wallet
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How to create a bitcoin wallet

One certain (and definitely outdated) way of creating a bitcoin wallet is to download a whole Bitcoin blockchain that is estimated to occupy more than 300 GB of disk space.

How to create a bitcoin wallet

One certain (and definitely outdated) way of creating a bitcoin wallet is to download a whole Bitcoin blockchain that is estimated to occupy more than 300 GB of disk space.

The download speed won’t be nearly as close to that of a conventional movie via a torrent file. It might take weeks to commence.

The reason for this is that the Bitcoin client verifies all past transactions on the go. There is a way to circumvent the difficulty: go for an online (the so-called “hot”) wallet, which is accessed through a web browser. It has a familiar interface of any other web-based service and the same safety measures: email address or login, password, and possible two-factor authentication method (e.g. a phone number or a Google Authenticator code). Still, you have no access to the wallet’s seed phrase.

Is it safe? No. The seed phrase is a 12 or 24 word mnemonic that represents a unique user’s private key. Simply put, if you own the key, you own the wallet. If you don’t – the wallet provider owns it (and all the related assets).

For that reason, you better look for advanced software and hardware solutions that leave you in possession of the seed phrase and provide all the necessary functionality, being easy to download and set up at the same time.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet of the Year

Trustee Wallet is provably the best anonymous bitcoin wallet that is actively being developed while most of the other ones have been abandoned.

First and foremost, this anonymous bitcoin wallet removes the difficulties connected to setting up and running a full Bitcoin node. Second, it leaves the seed phrase in your possession.

How to create a new wallet with the Trustee bitcoin wallet app?

Trustee Wallet is a mobile application, available at respective iOS and Android app stores; it is super easy to install in a single click. Make sure that you find the authentic app, using the link from our website.

It is preferable to use a referral code during the installation because doing so will benefit the person who provided the code.

During the initial setup immediately after the installation, the app will ask you to write down the seed. As it’s done, you’re all set to start swapping the coins that are included in the fresh wallet and add the new ones. To trade crypto coins for liquid cash, specify your bank credit card details. This latter step is only required if you intend trading with fiat money, although the app is perfectly sufficient for crypto‑only transactions.

The third vital advantage of this anonymous bitcoin wallet app is the total absence of excessive data collection. The growing concerns around user privacy have recently resulted in numerous legal cases against the largest IT corporations of the world, like Facebook (now Meta) and Google; Trustee, on the other hand, is not out for your personal data and usage metrics. None of it is collected with the purpose of building your consumer profile, so rest assured that Trustee Wallet does nothing else but the job it is meant to do. And it does the job well.

Buy Bitcoin Online with Trustee Wallet

Trustee is a multicoin wallet. It performs operations with an ever-increasing number of coins—notably, Ether, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, Polygon, Binance Coin, and more—and you can as easily buy bitcoin with credit card as any major altcoin, plus, virtually any token (provided that you know its contract address).

The step-by-step guide by the Trustee Wallet team describes in detail how to buy bitcoin with credit card, so follow the link if you’ve installed the app already! Basically, any other coin is acquired in the same way.

  • Compared to any conventional exchange services, Trustee enables you to buy bitcoin online more easily:
  • Trustee links to a number of online exchanges and displays the most lucrative deal for the specified bid.
  • Trustee’s built-in cryptocurrency marketplace can be accessed everywhere from your mobile device; the Internet connection is all you need.
  • Unless you enable extra authentication steps, they are disabled by default, greatly reducing the time to make a simple purchase or transfer some coins.
  • Trustee Wallet does not collect or process your credit card credentials, personally identifiable information, or behavior metrics.

On top of that, every time you buy BTC with credit card, the person who referred you receives some bonus crypto. Refer more users yourself and benefit from the cashback program too!

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Wallet - Best Bitcoin Wallet App

Trustee Wallet is the overall best wallet out there. Let us summarize its advantages over most other mobile bitcoin wallets:

  • Those who refer enough new users and actively trade large volumes of cryptocurrency coins for fiat money, have a significant additional source of income: referral bonuses and cashback.
  • Trustee supports the assortment of coins and tokens. It is convenient to store and trade your digital assets (including non-fungible tokens) in one place.
  • Trustee links to multiple online exchanges without the necessity of registering on each of them.
  • Trustee is instrumental to achieve one’s personal financial freedom via low-cost peer-to-peer blockchain transactions.

Finally, Trustee is a gateway to dozens of DeFi services. Compare it to the wallets you have used so far. Honestly, is there another one that excels in at least a couple of parameters?

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