How To Cope With Being Single In The Winter
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How To Cope With Being Single In The Winter

Tis the season to be single

How To Cope With Being Single In The Winter

As the holiday season approaches, there are many jolly activities and traditions to take part in with the people we love. There's a magical feeling in the air that only comes this time of year. But if you're single, it can feel less like "the most wonderful time of the year" and more like an onslaught of never-ending reminders that you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Take heart, my single friends, because there are several ways that you can survive the season, even if there's no one there to keep you warm.

1. Hibernate.

Hibernation is sort of like the hardcore version of a power nap. Instead of 30 minutes of rest, imagine three or four months of deep slumber. Sleeping through the winter months is both emotionally, physically, and financially practical. It allows you to avoid confronting your relationship status while restoring your body through the miracles of sleep. Plus, being in hibernation for several months is a great excuse to not buy gifts for your friends and family. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and somewhat slimmer due to muscle atrophy. You'll be in the perfect condition to hit the dating market once again.

2. Fake it till you make it.

Everyone's heard the age-old adage "fake it till you make it," but few successfully apply it in their lives. Avoid the crushing loneliness of being single by telling yourself and everyone that you know, that you are, in fact, dating someone. When you go home for Christmas, respond to inquiries from older relatives and hometown family friends about your love life gleefully. "Yes, I am dating someone. Yes, he is studying to become a doctor. Yes, my life IS perfect." Don't let the fact that you are totally and completely alone deter you from hinting that an engagement is in your near future.

3. Fill the hole in your life with Christmas cheer.

If hibernating or faking a relationship aren't viable options for you, consider making up for what you lack in committed relationships with joyous Christmas festivity. Throw a party with all the holiday classics: ugly sweaters, gingerbread house decorating, white elephant gift exchanges, mistletoe above the doorway to trick unwitting party guests into dating you. As you frantically declare your love for the season by spending every waking moment of your time decorating, buying and wrapping presents, caroling, getting in snowball fights, making cookies, and spreading Christmas cheer, you'll realize that you aren't so alone after all. You're in a committed relationship with Christmas.

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