How to Compose an Article

If asked to write an interesting commentary, you might think to myself, “How do you plan on proceeding?” Well, the answer is far more complex than you would hope. First, a topic of some sort must be chosen. Should I discuss global climate change and why it matters people are informed of this phenomena? Or stick with something safe, like pictures of cute baby animals and maybe some accompanying information so it has some substance. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few more great prompts that may be considered: What am I doing with my life? Why do we not all like the same foods? Is there a way to not adult? What happens when you put mustard in a fruit smoothie? No... hold on. Those are my random musings. How did they even get in here?

Grabbing the reader’s attention is key. Bolding, italics, underlining, and strikethrough could add a bit of flair. Now, for the content. I could start with an interesting fact such as: newborn babies are not capable of discriminating color or outlines as well as adults. Then I would probably expand on that to further draw in the reader. This could be done with a question. “So why are baby toys and rooms so colorfully decorated?” Or with an explanation. “Though other senses such as touch and hearing are better developed, the eyes are not.” This may help establish some semblance of a riveting read, but I’m sure I could do much better.

What about starting with a story? Everyone loves a good story; unless of course, you don’t. That would really be too bad because I’ve been told I’m an excellent weaver of words. I could tell an epic tale of triumph, betrayal, and lessons learned. Or tell you about that one time I did a thing and it actually turned out somewhat okay. No, wait. Just kidding, that has never happened. More realistically, it would be about the numerous times I did a thing and the thing backfired or didn’t go at all as planned. Hmm, it seems I nearly got off track. Such rabbit trails would be another wonderful addition to the making of a work fit for public consumption. Which reminds me of the time I had to write a paper for my introductory evolutionary biology class. We picked our own topics and simply had to write using an evolutionary perspective. After the first few essays my best friend and decided to change things up. So we picked each other’s topics! She chose mine using the keyword “velociraptor”. Yep, this one’s a keeper.

Having looked at potential ways of beginning, how about contemplating the middle. This portion is an endless landscape full of intrigue and adventure. Here, one can dig into topics, throw around ideas, posit interesting questions, or launch into a proposal comparing the pros and cons of owning a dragon. It may be as long or short as the author decides. Or it can blend in under the guise of the introduction. Being caught up in all the excitement, the reader may power through the jungle of information, thus, coming near the conclusion without having the slightest inclination the end was near.

There does not seem to be any single way one may traverse the expanse of a collection of ideas. All it takes is the willingness to embark, stamina to continue, and wisdom to acknowledge when the journey is over. Now, I shall take my leave with the hope that you have enjoyed this quest as much as I have. Adieu.

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