Closet Purging for College Students

The Great Closet Purge

I hate looking in my closet and seeing clothes I don't wear, no longer fit, and maybe still have tags on them. At the same time closet purging is a pain, but with the new academic year right around the corner it needs to be done! So out with the old and in with the new, here are a few tips to help you purge your closet!


As a college student that is currently working a typical summer retail job, I get the benefit of shopping around the store! I love having the opportunity to walk around and see the old clothes as well as being able to go into the storage rooms and see the new clothes. Unfortunately, as a poor college student, I have to resist the temptation to buy everything that catches my eye in addition to reminding myself that I also have no more room in my closet. Therefore, I thought to myself why not purge my closet so I can buy myself a few new items with the little money that I have. And so I did!

I will say that purging my closet was not as easy as I remembered. I sat on my bed looking at my closet questioning how to start and where to start. I also saw clothes hanging in my closet that brought back memories of trips or adventures I had taken with friends. However, after I sorted through my closet, and made some space, I felt less stressed and had a sense of peace. As the summer is coming to a close and the academic year is drawing near, it gave me the feeling of having a fresh start.

So, if you are looking to purge your closet, I do have a few recommendations! To start, take a look at all of your clothes and start with the shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etcetera that you know don't fit you. If they don't fit, how are you going to wear them anyway? Then move on to the clothes that you haven't worn in a long time. Chances are that if you haven't worn them in a year or two, you probably aren't going to wear them again.

After these two steps, this is where the closet purging can begin to get more difficult. To continue, take an overall look at the clothes that you have, and divide them into different "categories." These can be your lounge clothes, workout clothes, internship/job clothes, special occasions, etcetera, but divide them however you see fit. Again, if you haven't worn the article of clothing in a year or two, you aren't going to wear it. Now, this step might seem tedious and very tempting to skip. However, it is super beneficial and not one to be overlooked! Not only does this help with purging, but this will help you discover what you might actually need more of when you want to go shopping. Therefore, this will help you feel less stressed or guilty when spending your money shopping.

At this point a lot of the clothes in your closet should be separated into those you are keeping and those you are donating, or getting rid of as you see fit. Yet, there may be those articles of clothing that you are debating. A great way to tackle this feat is deciding if they can fall into one or more "categories" that you had previously established. If the article of clothing can fall into two or three different categories, it is a keeper. Another great way to help you through your debate is being able to pair the article of clothing in debate with an article of clothing you already have. If you can make a complete outfit with things that you already have, it is a keeper.

Now it may seem that there are no more steps left, however, there is one and probably the hardest one. Everyone has those few articles of clothing that they have special connections to. They could take form in t-shirts, dresses, pants or maybe a cutoff or two. It is great that you have great memories with them, but you aren't wearing them probably because they are special. Therefore, there are two ways that you can look at it.

First, t-shirt blankets and commemorative items like that are becoming very popular. It is a great way to purge your closet but also have an item to keep your special memories alive. Second, the articles of clothing that you deem to be special are great items to donate. The items would then have a new home and be open to making more special memories with new people and thus you can complete your purging.

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Ladies, Nike Shorts And Leggings Are For The Gym, Nowhere Else

If you are becoming a grown woman, you need to dress like one.

Every night, I spend one hour preparing myself for the following day.

I start with a shower, usually after I workout (I like to shower up to three times a day). I, then, massage my face with an exfoliate or cleansing brush, followed by a mask, usually a sheet or charcoal, or occasionally a hair mask. While my mask is drying, I pick out my outfit, usually a balance of comfy and trendy for the morning (and usually two others backup outfits). After I was my mask off and end the night with yoga, I slump into an 8-hour slumber until I wake up and work out again.

Yes, I know I have a problem. You couldn’t find a more vain or egotistical person in this world that could trump my inflated head. I may have a slight vanity problem, but I feel that my vanity outweighs the laziness of just not caring.

Ladies, it’s time to grow up.

It’s time to take off those leggings, ratty high school football T-shirts, and neon orange Nike shorts, and put on some big girl panties (not just the frilly hot pink VS kind). Having attended a private school for most of my life, I was shocked when I saw how people dressed to school, as if they were about to run laps in between periods. High school can’t even compare to the fashion monstrosities I see at school: the formals shirts, Nike Shorts, White Converse that look like they have seen one too many frat parties, yet with faces stilled caked with chunky mascara and sloppy brows. These outfits were not only sported in classes and social events but also philanthropy events and job shifts!

Ladies, I understand life is uncomfortable. Period weeks leave you feeling five months pregnant and on the verge of crying because your jeans are pinching your bloated stomach. I understand that it’s hard to juggle gym, class, sports, and a healthy sex and social life. But you can try harder. You can do so much better than what you have going on right now. Jeans need to be worn instead of leggings. Nike shorts and ratty T-shirts belong at the gym. End of story.

SEE ALSO: Actually, Ladies, Wear Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want

My mother would coo to me, as she put barrettes in my hair before school, that “in order to feel successful, you must look successful”. Every final exam, presentation, discussion, speech, class president election, swim team banquet, I would be dressed in my business suit and men’s oxfords. I dress for the success I wanted to have. If you want to be treated like a grown ass woman, you have to act (and dress) like one too. My life example is a little radical; I do not think you should pour yourself into how you look, because you will just exhaust yourself. Throw on a pair of jeans or an easy dress to class. Wear that sweet polyester suit. Dress up just to feel confident and successful in your day to come, not just your coming career.

Feel beautiful every day, just save the leggings for lazy days (or better yet, wear nothing at all).

Cover Image Credit: essihelppi / Instagram

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Not Wearing A Bra, And 11 Other Things Girls Do That Make Guys Uncomfortable

According to men, we're the biggest enigma.


As a woman in today's society, it seems like according to men we can do nothing right. We either get over sexualized to the point where we are told "cover up" or over sexualized to the point where we are called prude for not showing enough skin to attract the attention of the men around us. Taking all of this into consideration, guys are still grossly uncomfortable with normal things that women do in today's world. If you're a woman reading this, I'm sure you're already forming a list in your head. If you're a man, well, here are 12 things that you are uncomfortable with that you probably shouldn't be.

1. Not wearing a bra 

First and foremost, whether I cease to wear one out in public or in my home, trust me, buddy, I'm not doing it for you. I'm not doing it so you'll mention the fact that you can tell I'm not wearing one. I'm doing it for my comfort level, and most certainly not for your benefit. At all. Ever.

2. Denying their advances 

Grabbing my ass is not the correct way to ask me to move out of your way, catcalling me will not get my attention, and no, buying me a drink does not mean you automatically get laid. Not only do you look like an idiot to every woman around you with that kind of mentality, but to the girl you're trying to impress by being a pig? Yeah, she thinks you're pretty stupid, too.

I know it just kills your ego when we tell you no. How dare we make YOU feel uncomfortable by denying your lovely attempts at getting our attention.

3. Not accepting a drink they hand us

They offer you a drink, you say no, and suddenly not only are they mad on some occasions, but their poor ego is damaged indefinitely... Until they try that same move with the girl a few places down. They don't understand why you won't accept their drink that they were so nice to buy you.

Uh, you could drug me. If you want to buy me a drink, let me order it, watch the bartender make it, and then you can pay. Please don't expect me to take a drink right from you.

4. Traveling in groups to the bathroom during a girls' night out

We only do that because there is strength in numbers. If it makes you uncomfortable, sorry, but guys like you are probably the reason we do it. I don't know why our safety is any concern to you.

5. Knowing about cars, sports, or anything deemed a "guy thing"

You say one thing about a sports team or a car part and suddenly, according to men, you have no idea what you're talking about and they have to talk over you to explain it all, much better than you could. They only do this because the thought of us knowing anything about "guy stuff" makes their skin crawl.

6. Wanting careers 

How dare we want real jobs and to be paid as much as them! Silly us!

7. Thinking our place is anywhere but the kitchen 

Obviously we are meant to be of total service to the men in our lives, regardless of circumstances, right? We shouldn't have careers and hobbies when our life's purpose is to be a homemaker who slaves over the stove all day while our very masculine husbands do everything.

When will we learn? No wonder you guys are so uncomfortable. We don't know our place yet.

8. Wanting rights to our own bodies 

Uh oh, I think we forgot (again) that men are supposed to be in control of everything about us, including reproductive rights. No wonder they're so confused. They aren't always in control.

9. Not wanting kids

But wait! Isn't our only reason for being alive to mother a baby? It's a blessing to be a mom no matter what, according to men, and we need to fall in line. So, when you look a man in the eye and say you don't want kids, sometimes their eyes about pop out of their skull.

10. Having a menstrual cycle 

Men will never understand the daunting nature of our time of the month. Between cramps, headaches, and the constant desire to pop pain killers, it's grueling. To men, though, the whole thing is gross. Ew, we're bleeding. Forget about denying them anything during this time because most of them will not understand why.

11. Denying them sex of any kind, ever 

We have every right to tell you no. Listen, I know it just totally baffles you when we do, guys, but we owe you nothing. Let me say it again. We owe you nothing. No matter what.

12. Being independent 

By society's standards, even today, we are to allow a man to take care of us meek young women. You meet a man who intends to do that and by the first date when you pay for your bill he doesn't want you anymore. You want to work for your money and not depend on him, know about topics deemed "guy stuff", and stand up to him and he just doesn't understand why.

Let's face it: Guys will never understand.

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