Whether you're looking for a new winter wardrobe, skin care items, or simply some on-budget yet trendy pieces, these 6 websites will be your best friend when shopping on a college student coin.

1. Yesstyle

A Korean based website, Yesstyle is home to thousands of cute outfits (for guys and girls!) as well as the best deals on asian skincare. Prices range from 3-50$+, and there's something for everyone. Although shipping can be kind of slow, it's not uncommon to find incredibly trendy pieces that rival Urban Outfitter quality, for a fraction of the cost.

2. Amazon

USB Drives, toothbrush, earphones, all delivered within 3 days or less, thanks to the miracle that is Amazon Prime. However, beyond those necessities, Amazon is an undiscovered holy grail of low priced fashionable clothing and shoes. As an added incentive, many of these listings are covered under Amazon Prime, so not only are you saving money on your wardrobe, it's coming to you quick.

3. SheIn

Once a popular name featured in countless "Scam Clothing Website" articles, SheIn has made a resurgence in quality and selection. Although it's still possible to get a bad buy from their site, user reviews and sorting by "Best Sellers" will yield a staggering amount of on-trend dresses, tops, jeans, and swimsuits. Shipping is free over 50$, and they frequently have sales, especially around the back-to-school season.

4. HauteLook

Nordstrom Rack is a magical place. I found a formal dress by Alexander Wang for under 50$, and I still consider it one of the best deals I've ever gotten. HauteLook is essentially the online extension of Nordstrom Rack. Although it requires a membership, it's actually free and just a few minutes of filling out the necessary info unlock a world of heavily discounted designer and/or popular brands. Not only can you purchase amazing clothing, they also sell household items, accessories, shoes, and makeup/skincare!

5. DePop

Thrift shopping has found a resurgence in recent years. DePop, along with Letgo, and Poshmark are just some of the few online clothing/miscellaneous bizarre that have popped up online. Sustainable communities of users post clothing and buy from each other, and there are many hidden gems on the site, such as vintage sweatshirts from obscure brands, to popular sneakers. Many of your favorite Instagram stars will have their own "shops" on the sites as well, so you can shop their closet for that perfect look.

Fashion is constantly changing, and it makes sense that your wardrobe would want to change with it. Whether it's only a few pieces you want to get ahold of or a complete update of style, these 5 budget-friendly websites are the place the start your shopping trip.

You after all of your shipments come in.


Happy hunting!