No matter what you believe, at this point in the semester, it can feel like everything is weighing down on you. You're exhausted. You're behind in all your classes, and you have no idea how you will possibly survive the remaining few weeks of the semester. We all get to this point, but when you do - you need to find a way to clean your mind in order to be productive, and power through these last few weeks. A great way to do this is to cleanse your space. There are variety of ways to do this, some simple some more spiritual, but either way you will be feel a little less overwhelmed.

Actually Clean

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A great way to cleanse your space, is to actually cleanse your space. Spend a day going through some of your belongings. Throw away the things you no longer need, and organize your space. You'll seen that when everything around you is clean and organized, your thoughts and lifestyle will begin to feel the same way!


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Sage is my personal favorite way to cleanse my apartment. It leaves it spelling clean and pure, and always puts me in a positive mood. You can buy smudging sage at almost any whole foods store. However, you may want to be careful and open windows if your sage in your apartment because you might set your fire alarms of (take it from someone who's done it).

Rearrange Everything

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Sometimes when I really feel like everything is suffocating me and I just can't focus one more second on studying anything - I just start rearranging my furniture. Not only does it take your mind off of school, or whatever is occupying your thoughts at that moment, it also creates a new space for you to enjoy! When your space is different, it can feel like a new start for you!