13 Ways For Broke College Students To Actually Save Money This Summer
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13 Ways For Broke College Students To Actually Save Money This Summer

Your bank account has cried enough!

13 Ways For Broke College Students To Actually Save Money This Summer
Nikki Anderson

Because we're all tired of hearing all of our friends complain about how broke they are but not doing anything about it, its time to share the wealth a little. Here are thirteen easy tips to get into the habit of saving money this summer, your checking account will thank you!

1. Spend less, do more

This kind of goes without saying, but there are a million and one things you and your friends can do together without spending money every time. Go on a hike, walk your dog together, use the kayaks that are sitting behind your garage, movie night in, who cares but socialize outside of meal times!

2. $5 Jar/ Change Jar

A lifesaver. If you don't already have a cup or jar that sits on your nightstand and collects spare change you need to change that stat.

An even more foolproof way to save is to super glue a lid to a jar and cut out a slit on the top, put every single five dollar bill you come across in the jar and be utterly amazed at how much money you saved at the end of your summer.

3. Think of your credit card as your debit card and make a budget

We've all been victimized by the prices at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. It's okay.

But I swear if you only go into those stores when you absolutely need something you will save SO much money, I'm talking to you, the stack of unused journals, monogram stationery, and the 20th mug I now own sitting on my desk.

5. Brown bag your lunch

Wawa has taken all of my money. I got into the habit of stopping every morning before work and would always end up getting more than I ate at lunch. Put that old lunchbox to use, I promise it's not as embarrassing bringing bagged lunches as it was in High School.

6. DIY Mani-Pedi

Now some of you may cringe at this, but hear me out. A really good bottle of nail polish will cost you an upwards of $8 and will most likely last you years. Even if you only paint your toes and still get your mani it could seriously help you cut back!

7. Go makeup free for the summer

Again, bear with me here. I have saved so much money on products in the past two years by going makeup free every summer.

My skin clears up and I'm not sweating off foundation in the middle of the workday in this Jersey heat. Try an SPF bb cream or face serums for that natural glow instead!

8. Cut ties with your gym membership

Girl (and boy), do you even go? If you're not using weights and the big gun machines every time you go I promise you can get your run and cardio in at home. Plus its summer, catch a nice tan while getting your gains!

9. Get a library card

Free resources, imagine that! Whether it's in your hometown or the local library at your school you should have one. The library has more than just books.It hosts free events, you can reserve the latest movies coming out, and catch up on that magazine subscription you only read once and then toss. Seriously, the Library is a college student dream come true!

10. Learn to cook

Please. It costs less to whip up a super simple pasta and chicken dish than it does takeout. Plus, leftovers for lunch! Remember the internet is your friend and recipes are not that hard to follow I promise.

11. Don't forget your coupons

I promise you won't look like a grandma to your friends when you end up spending so much less than they do because you have a coupon! And if you don't walk into Bed, Bath & Beyond without 10 coupons in hand then you're doing it wrong.

12. Get a medium coffee instead of the large. Better yet, get a water

I need my coffee too, but half the time I order a large and end up tossing a quarter to a half of it away. It'll only save you some cents maybe a few dollars a week here and there but it's a good habit to get into.

Or better yet, get an ice cold water if its midday. Stay hydrated and cut down to one iced coffee a day. Your body will thank you.

13. Use your damn student discounts!

Don't be afraid to ask the cashier if they have student discounts, look up stores that have online codes, and check websites like UNiDAYs that find you discount codes for all your brand name needs.

Happy Saving!

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