How the Empowerment of Rape culture is Hurting us all
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How the Empowerment of Rape culture is Hurting us all

And how media glorifies it greatly.

How the Empowerment of Rape culture is Hurting us all
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First, I want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all the one out of every four women that get sexually assaulted in their life time. I am sorry for the one in six men who get sexually assaulted in their childhood and cannot talk about it. But most of all I am sorry for this culture that condones such behavior as sexual assault and claim it's just okay.

Earlier this week, a video came out of a person who has a lot of power here in the United States of America, and it was extremely degrading towards women. When people in power are empowered to do harm to others, nothing good will come out of it, and if you stand with that person, you stand with that harm they can inflict. While there are so many cases of people getting sexually assaulted and nothing being done, when a leader becomes a face of the backlash, that is when change can hopefully be done.

It is a no brainer that here in America, we teach people, in particularly women, to NOT get raped, versus teaching people, especially boys, not TO rape. There is so much focus on the idea that someone was asking for it, or that there are so many ways to avoid a situation. Even now, when I am alone at night walking to my car in my safe suburb, I always have a whistle and key pointed out, in case I need to defend myself. The fact is, I should not be conditioned to do this, but I am, and so are women everywhere.

By telling people how to avoid these situations, it is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. We are completely avoiding the problem at hand, and are avoiding handling the situation the best way we can.

When the condoning of things like sexual assault go to people of power, we are truly losing the fight to help survivors fight back and prevent more attacks from happening.

No one should objectify another human being, and unfortunately in our media, it happens too often, especially to women. Boys are told they can talk about a girl in anyway they want with other guys, and that is just "what guys do", while if a girl even thinks about a guy in such an objectifying manor it is frowned upon.

By supporting an approver of sexual assault and non consent, fear is created in communities, and causes victims to forever hold their silence, neither of which is a good thing?

So what can we do to stop this?

The most important thing we can do is treat others with respect that they deserve, and to never see another human being as an object or trophy. By viewing people as well, people, individuals will feel more empowered to take care of each other as well as themselves.

We can also speak out. Say something if someone says something degrading in a sexual manner about or to another human being. Be an ally to those who have been assaulted and make a point to show you are a safe person to talk to.

The bottom line is this: We are empowering rape culture and objectifying women by encouraging those in power to move forward with their lives and success, and that in the long run, is going to do much more harm than good.

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