I’m going to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day whatsoever. It could be that I never once was seeing a guy or talking to a guy around Valentine’s Day. It could be I’ve been single for the majority of my life. It could be simply I don’t like it. But whatever the reason may be, I’m not a fan. I learned along the years to make it better and somewhat enjoyable for someone who does not like this day. Listen this isn’t a pity article or a cry for help. But on a day that is celebrated all about love and being with someone, for us single people out there, it’s a day that reminds us that we are single. So if you are like me, here are some ways I survive Valentine's Day.

1. Get yourself something nice!

Treat yourself. You deserve it. Get something that will boost your levels of happiness. Rather it’s that new television you have been eyeing up, a new dress, new shoes, or simply your favorite kind of candy. Get it. Buy that box of chocolate or flowers for you, who cares. There’s no reason you can’t have something nice for yourself. My favorite Valentine’s Day was when I bought myself a TV…

2. Order or make your favorite food.

Pick up your favorite food or make your favorite food. Why not eat something you love to boost your happiness on a day you’re not a fan of. While couples may be going to nice dinners, you can also enjoy your favorite food. This is the day to use as an excuse to go get that Chipotle with a side of McDonald’s, no judgement at all. You will see me picking up tacos from Qdoba for sure.

3. Relax. Give yourself a time for you.

Go get a manicure. Put on the sweatpants. Watch your favorite movie or show. Read your favorite book. Go for a run. Whatever it is you enjoy when it comes to relaxing, DO IT. You deserve to give yourself what it deserves. After my classes, I will most likely be wearing sweatpants, painting my nails, as I watch Dirty Dancing, because why not!

4. Do something good for someone else.

A lot of times, helping others make us feel good. Volunteer for your favorite charity, buy chocolate or gifts for your siblings, donate to a foundation, help a stranger. Whatever it is be kind and share the love for someone. One year I got the chance to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and it took my mind off my problems and gave me a new perspective.

5. When all else fails, crack open that beer or enjoy that glass of wine.

I’m not saying go get shit faced but a couple beers or a couple glasses of wine is not a crime. Sometimes our favorite drink helps a wind down and relax. I will be enjoying at least one glass of Moscato myself. Cheers to you!

On a day that is about love and being in relationships, it’s easy to feel crabby on this day. But just because you're single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day. Focus on you and give yourself the damn good day you deserve. It’s normal to feel alone on a day that is meant to be with someone you love, but listen it’s just another reason to love yourself that day. Maybe one day, I’ll actually enjoy this “holiday” when I have someone bringing me flowers or something but until then I’ll be watching my favorite movie, treating myself, relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine and eating some tacos.