We all know that we watch way too much Netflix, but if you find yourself feeling guilty about how much Netflix you’re watching, then maybe it’s time to chill out and get outside. Here are some tips on how to prevent Netflix from taking over your summer.

Try limiting yourself to one series at a time.

This will help you when you need to stop watching because you will only have to tear yourself away from one show.

Don’t start watching during the day.

Try to keep your watching limited to the nighttime so you can be an active part of society during the daytime hours.

Try not to let it ruin plans you have made with friends or family.

Finishing the second season of Sons of Anarchy is not a good excuse to ditch lunch with your friends, no matter how distraught you are about Abel’s kidnapping.

Remember that you aren’t a character in the show.

We all know it’s hard, but try to remember to separate yourself from the show…I repeat, you are NOT actually in the show.

Don’t let release dates rule your life.

We all were waiting for the release date of the third seasons of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t weird when you watch the entire season in one day.

Try not to let your show affect your mood.

Similar to how they say don't bring your work home with you, don't bring your Netflix home with you. How do you explain to your boyfriend that you're mad at him because you guys will never be Jim and Pam? Try to avoid that fight at all costs, before you end up looking like an idiot.