This article goes out to all you single ladies and gents. Valentine's Day is approaching and normally if you're single you spend the day watching other grossly happy couples hold hands, exchange chocolate and kisses in the middle of campus. Apparently, Valentine's Day means that couples can get away with sucking each other's faces in front of everyone else, which is gross and annoying and obviously is inconsiderate to all the (supposedly) lonely, single people out there.

I happen to be single and basically have been single my entire life on Valentine's Day (except last year but that is irrelevant). I have never been fond of this Hallmark holiday, but I have realized that was due to the fact that I was just extremely bitter over the fact that I was single. This year I have turned a corner. Who needs a significant other when you got tons of lovely friends? Who says you can't celebrate the day of love with a bunch of your friends? You don't need a lover to feel loved and you don't need to feel bad about being single. And in all honesty, being single is where it's at. It's a party and you should celebrate loving yourself and your friends and family on Valentine's Day. If you're not single, then good for you but you should still celebrate loving yourself, family, and friends as well as your sexy lover.

Here are a few things that you can do this Valentine's Day to ensure that you will not have another lonely, self-loathing, pity party:

1. Send little Valentine's cards to your friends and family because everyone wants (and deserves) to feel loved.

2. Treat yourself to some the nice expensive chocolate because you deserve nothing less than the best.

3. Post the hottest selfie of either yourself or of you and your friends because everyone deserves to be graced with your beautiful presence.

4. Send your Mom some flowers because you love your Mom and she loves you and she deserves a little appreciation.

5. Go out and do something exciting with all your single (or non-single) girlfriends and/or boy friends because everyone deserves to have fun.

6. Skip out on Kimball dinner and treat yourself to nice Croads dinner because your tummy deserves to feel loved as well.

7. Don't skip dessert because, even though cheating is unacceptable when it comes to relationships, it is most definitely acceptable when it comes to your "diet".

8. Watch ALL of the Rom-Coms because you deserve to laugh hysterically and cry because the love of the characters is just so beautiful.

9. Buy yourself some roses because your dorm room deserves to smell and look it's best.

10. Love yourself.