It is a universal truth that all products marketed towards women suck. They just do. Our pants don't have real pockets, our shampoos do the same job for twice the price and don't even get me started on pad and tampon prices. We pay more money for lower-quality products. This is a research-backed phenomenon, called the pink tax. And it's kind of BS. However, just because you are a woman doesn't mean you have to buy products "for women"--there's really not much stopping you from perusing over to the men's section (except the odd funny look or rude person holding you to bogus societal expectations). So, if you're a woman looking to save some well-earned money, here's a couple "men's" items that will suit you just fine:

1. Razors, Shave Creams and Balm

Men's razors and shave creams are essentially identical to women's, except for color, smell and price. So if you don't mind smelling a little manly or shaving with a blue razor over a pink one, the men's section is definitely the place to save. But the real gold mine here is after shave balm. Not only can you use this to soothe your skin post-shave, but Nivea's after shave balm, priced at only a couple bucks, has been hailed as a brilliant primer! You're never going to find a primer as moisturizing for this price anywhere other than the men's aisle.

2. T-Shirts and Hoodies

Women's t-shirts and hoodies are the thinnest, saddest little pieces of clothing I've ever had the misfortune of coming across. They don''t even keep you warm in light air conditioning. Men's hoodies on the other hand? Soft, thick, warm and wonderful. Plus, the oversized look is totally in right now, so even if you're on the more petite end of the scale, men's hoodies and shirts are still great options for you. If you're nervous about being seen shopping in the men's section, don't worry! Amazon and other online sites have TONS of options for men's shirts and hoodies with great prices, which is a total bonus. Being female doesn't mean you have to be doomed to thin, uncomfortable clothes forever!

3. Pants and Jeans

Fake pockets are the bane of my existence. They are literally the most useless invention. Women's clothing brands seem to forget that like men, women also need to carry things! And pockets would be oh-so-helpful for days when we don't want to carry a purse. But, alas: women's jeans and pants rarely ever have pockets and if they do, they're barely big enough to fit a tube of lipstick. Men's pants, on the other hand, well, they've got pockets so big I could fit my whole hand in! Up to the wrist! Amazing, I know. Boyfriend jeans are also in right now. Instead of wasting money on pocket-less boyfriend jeans, just go buy the same pair of jeans your boyfriend actually wears! They'll fit exactly the same, but will probably be better quality. Oh, and they'll have pockets!

Overall, products geared towards men are just better. They're more functional, higher quality and have more affordable price tags. Don't be afraid to venture into the realm of products not geared towards you. Honestly, once you buy them, nobody will even be able to tell--except when they're super envious of those pockets.