Millennials: A Progressive Generation With A General Lack Of Respect
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Politics and Activism

Millennials: A Progressive Generation With A General Lack Of Respect

We are progressive, yet divided and backwards

Millennials: A Progressive Generation With A General Lack Of Respect

In today's world, we are more vocal than ever before. Since the nineteen sixties, the public has come a long way when it comes to making sure our voices are heard. We may not always be united, but we are strong. Every individual from any social class, race, age, or gender can make a difference. Although there is interference sometimes, today's youth are living in the fastest growing, futuristic, and progressive period thus far.

The idea that you can do anything or be anyone is not an unrealistic stigma about America. However, the millennial generation (born 1980-1995) may be getting a little ahead of itself. It could be biased of me, being from the south, but I do believe that some of us have certainly lost respect for our elders.

Although we are all adults by some standards, we are from different generations. Naturally, the Greatest Generation (born 1910- 1924), the Silent Generation (born 1925-1945), Generation X (born 1965-1979) and Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) view most of us Millennials as lazy, whiney snowflakes with way too much technology clouding our true natural aptitude for learning and being active. While the times are changing, and some of their views may be somewhat close-minded/illiberal, they are still our elders.

They deserve so much respect considering they are the reason why we are all here today! They fought and died for our freedom in world wars, began the free speech era which paved the way for the free thinkers of today, some, like my great-grandmother born during the great depression grew up in a world where dinner was never guaranteed, witnessed and experienced the civil rights movement, the Cold War and threat of nuclear warfare, the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of Soviet Reign. Their lives have been inexplicably more challenging than ours growing up in our great, but young America. The problems I see with youth today is that they speak to our elders like they are just another twenty-something year old to hold a debate with.

There is also a huge lack of respect for our public servants, active military members and veterans. The lack of patriotism of this generation is probably the cause for that. These disputes usually start over political disagreements. It is so important to hold your own opinions and be passionate about them. But, maybe we need to stop feeling like we are so entitled to the point where manners are non-existent, and our elders are inferior because they disagree. They have lived a lot longer than us, and their opinions and concerns should be taken into consideration. If not taken into consideration we should at least start getting back to our moral character and hold our tongues sometimes.

Growing up southern has helped me remember to always say yes ma'am and yes sir, and no ma'am and no sir, etc. But not everyone has been deeply rooted to a culture where manners are put above all else as something we pride ourselves on. The way to disagree with your elders is to hold constructive conversation without animosity and with understanding.

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