How Not To Go Insane During Summer
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How Not To Go Insane During Summer

Holy cow. If you're like me, you are bored out of your mind taking summer classes all the way until August. Then just to come right back and take more classes for the Fall?

It is like I am going insane.


I mean, I am taking rigorous classes which allow me to devote a lot of my time towards them, but is only two classes. By the time I get done, I have a whole half of the day full of nothing. I end up just sitting on my phone for most of the day instead of doing something practical.

So here I have compiled a list of how to keep yourself from not going crazy!

1. Hit the gym.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I have been on this little gym kick lately. But seriously, I go to the Leach for about an hour a day, right after Orgo. Which although it may not sound like a lot of time, it keeps me busy. Do some simple exercises to get your body in the best shape it can be. For me personally, I have just been trying to tone up my legs, get some more profound abs, haha we will see, and then work out my arms.

2. Make home-cooked meals.

Like I have said previously I have tried to stop eating out as much as I used to. Instead, I have gone out and bought fresh produce and veggies so that I can create yummy meals that are satisfying enough to where I don't need to snack throughout the day. I try new recipes or make up my own depending on the day.

3. I keep my grades as my top priority.

That's what I came here to do. To get good grades in my hard classes that I am taking this summer. That was the goal, the whole point of why I stayed here instead of going and sitting at the beach all day...I miss home, I do, but I am trying to get ahead. During the day after class I try to relax some, but then at night, I read ahead in whatever class I need to, take some notes, and try to get my homework done early.

4. I try to keep positive, plan stuff for the month of what I am going to do.

Luckily, my weekends are pretty busy. But I would recommend planning to visit people, go to the beach, shopping, anything to keep your mind off how much longer you have to be here over summer...not like your counting or anything (8 weeks). For instance, June 17th is Father's Day, so take a trip home and visit your Dad, or at least that is what I am doing. The following weekend, I am going to Atlanta to visit a special someone and go to a Major League Baseball game for the first time. The weekend after, I have friends visiting...then it leads on into July.

5. If you are moving into an apartment, you might want to start packing.

Since I already lived in an apartment this year, that means I have to pack up all of the stuff I already have, and transfer it into yet..another apartment. I didn't realize how much I accumulated over this past year. Plus I like to stay organized, so everything must have a place until I move into my new apartment in August. Just going to take it room by room.

The whole point of summer is to enjoy your life, even if it does mean taking a couple of classes. Do I wish I was on a cruise heading towards some tropical island? Ugh, duh. Do I wish I was sitting on the beach with my dog? Yeah. Do I wish I just wasn't here taking classes? Um, of course. But it just didn't work out that way for me. Instead, I am trying to make the most of my time here this summer, because I only have a few more years until I hit the real world. Yay...can't wait to adult some more!

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