On August 6, 2016 I finally found myself; I had a rebirth, and I changed my whole outlook on life. It took almost twenty-three years but I finally found my place where I fit in. I went to my first EDM festival it was the best experience of my life. At first I was nervous and skeptical, but in the end it was everything I needed. Moonrise will forever be where I became who I wanted to be.

I want to start off by explaining the biggest part of festivals and raves. PLUR this stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. When you exchange bracelets, which are called 'kandi', you have to put your hands together in a peace sign, heart, together, and then lock them saying peace, love, unity, and respect. Once you do that with the other person you exchange the kandi. Most of the time the rave family you exchanged with tells you a story behind the bracelet give to you. I experienced this with my friend and she gave me one that was very special to her. Once I knew the back story I became emotional; and I knew then and there that I became part of the rave family. When you go to these concerts everyone is different, but being different is not bad. We accept everyone for their differences; as a matter of fact those differences are what make you beautiful.

Not only do people go to these festivals for the music, they go because of the connections with people and the amazing experiences. Many people do not understand this music, they think it is just noise or there is no actual talent behind it, but that is not true. If you truly listen to the music you will hear the DJ’s trying to send a message out. Usually the message is relevant to the fact of what is going on in any one’s life. But not only is the music beautiful, the sets that they perform are beyond amazing. The lights and the connections they make with the crowd is beautiful. I will never forget when I saw Tiesto’s set, he performed Yellow. For some reason the lights and the connection he made with the crowd made me think about my past, and everything I was ever worried about just left my being. I felt like I was reborn, I felt as though I did mean something in this world.

I want to encourage all of you to go experience a festival at least once in your life. I want you all to go because I had a stereotype in my head but once I went that stereotype was broken. I have tried to explain to many people that this is modern day Woodstock; we all just want peace and love in the world. You will never hear in the news that someone did a terrorist attack or shot up an EDM festival because we strongly encourage love. We accept everyone no matter what. I was very insecure with myself, I was in a dark spot, and I was depressed before I went to Moonrise.

After Moonrise I have been radiating confidence and happiness. My outlook on life is completely different, I do not judge as much anymore. I do not deal with all the pointless drama I used to consume myself in. I look at life as a gift and I look at my life with purpose. I want to change the world and make a difference, but in a peaceful manner. So I encourage each and every one of you to experience this amazing life and family. PLUR!