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8. Try something new

One of the biggest errors adulting has implanted in almost all of us is that we may have already figured it all out. (I want to include research papers that would support this notion; but this time, let it be just me and my thoughts especially about my life's experience.) but we're all mistaken! There are a lot more out there that we haven't tried or tested yet and so we should do our best to make the most out of it.

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Childhood Wonder

Child wonder christmas Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

I used to refer to this as the childhood wonder. When was the last time you saw a tree and were able to appreciate how it looked like or said it's amazing? "How could something grow out of nothing and make a life out of its own?" a child asks. For us adults, we know that we know better. "Well there was once a seed, it got dispersed, photosynthesis happened, it went nurtured by some nitrates (whatever they were called), and then voila! You have a tree."

We may think this is the real case; the child's still ignorant and doesn't know much.

Although that is partly true, I would say that childhood wonder is not at all more closely related to ignorance than it is to true humility and having a more teachable attitude.

You see, children are more grateful and humble especially when it comes to their sensory experiences.

In my next blog, I will discuss the importance of our inner childlike simple capabilities and how to correlates with my current experiences in life.

I will also cover the same adulting issues we face and how to cope with them.

Afraid of Making Mistakes, Thus Avoiding Risks

Underappreciate Small Stuff

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